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Business school personal statement example

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  • Published: 11th October 2021
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Seeing and believing in the power of the business world to change the lives of underprivileged people, I’m determined to be a social entrepreneur who catalyzes the lives of people from the cycle of poverty. Hailing from a family in the southern sharp tip of India, since my childhood, smart problem-solving has always been a source of great fun for me. My academic journey has been smooth all along. My leadership pursuit hatched during my undergraduate studies. I joined the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) club as an entry-level member. With the ability to contribute expertise and leadership directives at appropriate times, I was selected as a Student Chairman among a pool of 150 students. And subsequently, I was also selected as the one and only Student Executive Council member for the SAE Southern section, where I organized and led most of the events across 21 colleges in North Tamil Nadu for the year 2016-2017. This further enhanced my managerial and organizational skills. In my third year, I underwent an international internship experience at Ducab (Dubai Cable Company (Pvt) Limited), which further broadened my perspective on what it takes to run an international organization successfully. These positions helped me identify and develop new talents and capabilities as I always set goals for myself to test my abilities, to check the longevity of my tolerance.

After my graduation, I had two options: one to go for a job in infinite cycles, another to realize who I am and the deep purpose of life. I felt that an unexamined life is not worth living, so I chose the latter. An altitude above 10,000 ft in extreme nature left my mind in complete desolation. I walked around 200 km where the mercury often dipped below 0℃, and in one of the world’s finest forms of natural architecture, the Mighty Himalayas. After being in complete desolation, my mind was a blank sheet as if I was reborn. This gave me space to think back and re-evaluate my life from a different perspective. And one thing I noticed to be constant throughout my peregrination is poverty in different forms. My views then transformed from making an income to making an impact on society.

This fueled my passion further towards management to better the lives around me. In India, as many as 20 crore people go to bed hungry every night, as well as food wastage, amounts to the whole consumption made by the UK. This tweaked the inner me to contribute to it, not in the form of charity but in the form of effective service. I started to take charge to solve it in a tiny little way by addressing the issue of hunger by designing a peer-to-peer sharing model where the donation of surplus food, an essential which is often wasted, can be utilized to its absolute capacity. We started to serve the unserved remaining foods from weddings, parties, and other events, to the hungry and deprived with a dozen bags and three volunteers to collect and deliver to the economically backward slums, needy orphanages, old age homes, and homeless people through the public transportation system. This work broadened my perspective further. The world has its resources sufficiently to let people live life peacefully. This includes healthcare, education, shelter, and food. It’s our responsibility to find it out and resolve it in an organized manner with love, compassion, and humanity. Maybe these accounts of little things but are potential enough to make big differences. Ultimately, it has shaped my passion and career toward addressing inequities and poverty.

The present business world still has an overwhelming concentration on money, because that’s what is utilized to assess how successful we are, which resulted in squeezing out the social orientation of human life and activity, creating an untenable situation with the structure, concepts, and system pushing a part of the human race to face poverty and inequality. But to my perception, humans are much bigger than just money-making machines; we are multi-dimensional. The deep purpose of life is to be happy and make the rest of the world happy, but that purpose is forgotten. I want to reinvent the purpose by concentrating on social business, a selfless aspect of business that is not money-centered but rather solution-centered in a sustainable way along with the touch of breakthrough technology structured to solve social problems.

I wish to level up this to another notch to create a better planet for life on earth. But I should equip myself as a perfect Social Business Entrepreneur before I dive in. The proposed degree will give me an international perspective of the business world strategy and will enable me to build my global leadership, organizational, and negotiation skills to manage a growing social enterprise or impact venture. The international aspect of the program will help me rub shoulders with illuminated minds from across the globe and prepare the base for future endeavors and also to strengthen my toolkit further to apply business tools to empower global communities and leverage international markets to achieve sustainability and social impact by pushing the boundaries. I will work towards my passion by effectively accelerating the development of my leadership capacity so that I can eventually create an enterprise that will make a true social impact on the world. As an entrepreneurially passionate man with a social impact background and a passion to combat inequality, I would be thrilled to grow my impact further at the prestigious Smurfit School of Business.

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