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Marketing & finance personal statement example (Masters)

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I am cordially making an application for admission to a Masters Course in Marketing in your prestigious institution. I am a graduate in marketing having successfully done a BBA Honours in Finance and Marketing from Lahore School of Economics back in 2016. Also, I studied Inter-Commerce at the Defence Degree College and graduated in 2012.

The interest to pursue the master’s program in the United Kingdom was triggered when I was still pursuing a marketing degree course back in Lahore, Pakistan. As a result of my various interests, I believe that pursuing this master’s course in the UK is the best thing that can happen to me.

I am an Ahmadi Muslim originally from Pakistan but currently residing in the United Kingdom as a refugee. The reasons which made me flee Pakistan were the constant threats on my life and wellbeing as an Ahmadi Muslim. Precisely, Ahmadi Muslims represent a minority religious group in Pakistan that has faced persecution for years. The group has been targeted, marginalised and segregated against; for example, recently, a renowned economist Atif Mian was nominated as an adviser to the newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, there have been numerous protests from religious extremist groups concerning his nomination. This ouster of a high ranking figure such as Mian has resulted in hopelessness among the Ahmadi Muslims including myself. With such persecutions and religious discrimination, there exist reduced chance that individuals like me can succeed in Pakistan.

All these persecutions, marginalisation and discrimination made me flee the country in search of a better place to pursue advanced studies. Thus, the United Kingdom was a haven for me. Being a refugee in the UK, I seek to be admitted to this university to fulfil my dream of attaining a master’s degree in Marketing and Finance.

Ideally, my interest in the area of marketing started when I was young. During my growth and education life in Pakistan, I have pursued and excelled in various projects and programs within the marketing field. Doubtlessly, I completed a consumer research program leading to the launching of a new product including a comprehensive marketing campaign for the product. Besides, I carried out a marketing survey for Black Airways leading to the launching of a new marketing and advertisement strategy for the airline. I also carried out a marketing analysis for Geo TV Ramadan and successfully presented the results.

In strategic management, I completed a detailed strategic analysis for Faysal Bank in Lahore and revised most of its strategies. I also participated in the study of financial accounts for Gharibwal Cement Company for five years. During the undergraduate research in Pakistan, I researched on “Effect of Store Design on Purchase Intention with the Moderating Effect of CSR Practices.” Thus, I believe to get an opportunity to pursue my studies at the university.

Being a graduate in BBA (Honors) in both Marketing and Finance, it is now time to look for new challenges and steps in my career. Consequently, getting a master’s degree will represent a worthy and justifiable challenge for me. Besides, I am an individual with a strong belief in continual personal development. I am confident in exploring and pursuing new directions in life. This is coupled with the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new and different obstacles. With a wide range of experience and transferable skills obtained during education and employment, I can comfortably tackle the master’s program without hiccups and disappointments. My English language is also fluent. Thus, communication while in the UK is not a problem. Experience in marketing, teamwork and project management makes me an ideal candidate for consideration.

My work placement at NHS-Cancer Services from September 2017 as an MDT Administrator has largely reinforced the interest in the fields of administration and coordination of office activities. I also worked at NHS-Patient Records as a Patient Records Clerk where I prepared and updated various patient records. In January to May 2017, I worked as a customer service representative for Greggs Plc. Most of these companies where I have worked are in the United Kingdom. Hence, I am highly placed to succeed in the Master’s Degree program there.

The global reputation of your institution has attracted a majority of students to pursue further studies at the university from all over the world. I also believe that the university offers excellent conditions for learning and recreational facilities that are critical for learning.

Concluding, I hope you will take into consideration my personal circumstances as a refugee and take into account my passion to study in order to progress further in my career.

Mxxxxxxx Sxxxxx Axxxxx

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