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Where to get started with your personal statement

Because a personal statement is, well, so personal, you will want to spend a considerable amount of time reflecting on yourself and your life, digging deep to think about how you feel about various topics and why you feel that way. Here are some good ideas if you are still struggling to begin the process of writing a personal statement:

  • Make a list of every experience where you think you developed ability, memory, or influence that has made you who you are today. This may not come to you all at once, so be prepared to spend a few weeks jotting down ideas and experiences. The more you write, the more you will remember.
  • Go creative and put yourself as a character in a story, which will begin to stimulate memories and feelings that could help shape the real-life story you are going to tell in your personal statement.
  • Ask other people who know you for their ideas about how they see you or if they have stories about you as others’ perceptions are a good way to start thinking about yourself. At the very least, it can start to stimulate ideas for you.
  • Consider other examples of personal statements for similar school programmes as these provide a good way to start thinking about your own experiences.

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