Personal Statement Examples

We’re an expert team that has prepared guidance to help you write a personal statement that will make you stand out among the thousands of applicants competing for your coveted college or university place. You’ll find a host of personal statement examples here, from real students applying for real courses worldwide. See our A-Z list of all examples here.

The University admission process is getting more competitive than ever as students compete for spots in universities, colleges, and professional schools all over the world with students and well-qualified candidates competing for a spot that will hopefully help them gain a job in a challenging job market.

Universities are now turning to other means of discovering more about their applicants beyond grades and entrance exam scores because they are interested in creating a diverse student body that speaks to their own university principles – something that the numbers cannot tell them. A popular way of qualifying applicants has been the personal statement, which offers a way to find out about a student’s opinions, interests, and background.

Here is a place where you can shine and differentiate yourself from the crowded applicant pool. However, you may not know exactly how to talk about yourself, organise your personal statement into a cohesive and succinct document, and focus on the information that will most appeal to the specific universities to which you are applying. Our site covers all the basics of writing a personal statement, revising a personal statement, and getting assistance with your personal statement if you are struggling on your own or English is your second language. You’ll also find a very wide range of personal statement examples to inspire you.

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