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  • Published: 6th June 2021
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22nd December 2020


My name is xxxxxx, born on xxxxxx, resident of Awada Falia, Matwad, Navsari city, Gujarat, India. I belong to a nuclear family that includes my father, my mother, my younger brother, and me. I completed my 10th from Asansol St. Mary Goretti girls high school in 2008 and 12th from Asansol collegiate school in 2010.

I am currently unmarried. I have some savings and funds secured by my parents for me for my future which I’m going to use for my further studies, living & other related expenses for my entire course duration. I need to enhance my skill so that I can easily get a well-paid job in my home country.


I passed my 10th from West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education with second class and I completed my senior secondary education from West Bengal Council Of Higher Secondary Education with pass class in commerce stream in 2010. After that, I completed my graduation in Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design from Annamalai University. After my graduation, I have worked for various fashion design firms for nearly 2 years in Delhi, India. After that in 2017, I have moved to France for my further study of MSc in marketing from Montpellier Business School, which I have completed in March 2020 including a six-month internship from Shama international ltd as an Assistant Marketing Manager.


I came to France To study in September 2017 and after finishing my study in March 2020, I got my APS visa to find a job in France till 1st July 2021.

This would be my second time applying for a UK visa but as a student would be my first attempt before I have a UK visitor visa in 2019 June for 6 months.


I have chosen the University of East London because it is the only institution in the UK where I can build my soft and hard skills, thus enabling me to fulfil my career goals. And I strongly believe that this university will help me in developing the necessary transition into technical roles. Moreover, The University of East London is a public, modern, employability-focused university, 30mins from the city of London. It boasts outstanding facilities. international students will join over 3800 overseas and 18500 domestic students in a safe diverse and forward-thinking learning environment. Furthermore, TEF Gold is awarded to this university that consistently delivers outstanding teaching. Learning and outcomes for their students. There are more than 5000 international students from different countries like India, China, Nigeria, and many more.

The Choosing University of East London for my MBA has some strong reasons. The flexibility in the program will help me build the requisite skills which will help me transit smoothly into technical marketing advancement. The experiential learning will help me build my practical skills. On top of it, the program will help me build my cultural sensitivities and make me work in a multicultural environment. The best thing that can happen to me is the network that I will create myself which I strongly believe will help me in realizing my career goals.


The United Kingdom is fast becoming a preferred destination in terms of education among Indian students. The UK is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the world after the USA and Australia. The UK provides a unique experience in the terms of education with its rich history in research and educational initiatives. The culture provides an inclination towards innovative thinking, creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving. Moreover, there are quality institutions that are known worldwide for the value they add to a student’s career.

The curriculum is designed in a way that it gives a practical approach and is aligned with the career objectives that a student may have. Also. Skill-based education is emphasized as it has not only been positively influencing the country’s economy but also attracting many international students. students pursue work opportunities while they are studying, Opportunities like these can boost learning and provide for an interesting way to experience new culture altogether.

Nevertheless, in comparison to countries such as the USA and Canada, the costs of tuition and education in the UK are significantly less, they also receive an education that is one of the world’s finest.

The United Kingdom has a cosmopolitan environment, a wide multicultural environment will make me feel less like a stranger and I can easily make new friends. Courses offered by institutions in the UK, from preparatory level to postgraduate program, are flexible and equipped with a global perspective. Apart from being a great place to get a first-rate education, the UK is also a fantastic place to live. It provides a welcoming and multicultural society with a population that originates from around 200 countries. Universities in the UK are monitored closely to ensure that they uphold the highest standards of teaching, learning, and research.


India has some really good educational institutions like DPU, IP University, IIM, etc. but the admission is based on cut-off for such institutions are pretty high and on top of the seats have a reservation system too. Sometimes the students with high percentages like 90% did not get admission to universities of their choice.

And if it’s not the top institute of India then the quality of education in state university recognized institutes are average and the job opportunities followed by courses from such institutions are very limited and substandard.

Most foreign universities are very flexible and you can choose from a range of subjects. A student can choose to do dual major, minor, and free elective courses. Studying abroad improves one’s personality, communication skills, social contacts, and at the same time one can experience a different quality of life.


MBA with placement programs cover a broader subject compared to a master’s in marketing, It will be equipped with the skills that are transferable to other parts of the business world. These programs tend to emphasize management and leadership with a focus on exploring different specializations in the business field. Although these programs will make me focus on a broader perspective that covers management and leadership as well as other subjects like finance and accounting.

An advanced study in my area of interest i.e. Administration with a core focus on using case studies and professional experience would be sufficient for my career objectives. I want to pursue this kind of integrated study as this would be the ideal launchpad into the corporate world where the organizations have spread their wings widely in the domestics and international markets. To add to this, international exposure will help me imbibe the knowledge of the business world along with the enhancement and development of skills required for leading my career in the corporate industry.


During my MSc. in Marketing, I have learned modules like Graphic design and brand communication, consumer behavior and psychology, luxury and fashion, etc. Which is more about sales of products in the market through various ideas and strategies. The study was more about focusing on Sales, Planning making strategies for increasing the sales for the firm, also more on customer satisfaction keeping them prior.

For completing my degree I have done 6 months of internship in Paris from Shama International as an assistant Marketer, this company deals in Asian food in the European market, during my internship I have experienced lack of knowledge in many aspects which is required in a business field such as how this product reach to the firm, which Is more related to the management work.

After my degree, I have applied to many multinational companies for jobs but the job offer I have received was not according to my interest area, I was getting more fieldwork such as marketing the product in the market, dealing directly to the customer, doing promotions but the opportunity to work in the back office is very less this knowledge I can cover by doing certain courses which are available with MBA, which I strongly feel will help me in my near future.


There are some subjects which I’ll be taught during my MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (with placement year) which will enhance my key knowledge towards Managerial work. Subjects such as Managing strategy and operations that I can gain how to increase production, fulfill market demand, and some of the important factors such as control over expenses of goods and services, quality, innovation. I believe that my concept of running a business in a high-efficiency way will be more clear.

Secondly managing financial and Human Resources for sustainable business will be beneficial to me in terms of control over the product production cost which indirectly leads to the profit to the firms.

Thirdly, Business simulation with a professional development subject will give me more confidence to run a business with low risk, The research work during the study on a real case study will give me more practical in terms of becoming a leader or leading in the firm.


MBAs are always welcome in any sector anywhere in the world, and the course’s accreditation with the Chartered Management Institute will enhance my employability even further. The qualification will enable me to go into any sector, anywhere in the world. After having a double Master degree, the chances of getting into a multinational company will be higher for me and I will be more successful in my future, also I will build my confidence to start my own business shortly with the knowledge, skills, and qualities earn during the entrepreneurship module will help me to stand in the business world successfully with low risk.

This course will benefit me in terms of running a business as I will be having a more clear concept and ground-level knowledge through work experience during placement year on Management work, production, expense control which are completely different from my previous study where I have learned about making strategy to sell the product directly or indirectly in the market. The course will allow me to lead in the corporate world whether as an employee or even if I start up on my own, the risk will be low as compared to myself today. Also, it gives priority to have a dual master’s degree on the international level, the doors and opportunity will be more open to me after this course.

Lastly, I would like to summarize my above statement by saying that My previous study has given me the brief about the marketing of finished goods and the current study I am willing to do will give me knowledge about the journey of the finished good from raw to the finished goods, I highly believe that for becoming a good business person an individual need to have deep knowledge and experience about the product journey from raw material (origin) to the finished good until it reached to the consumers or destination. I strongly believe that my education from this university will bring real value to my career.

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