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Business Administration personal statement (Masters)

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  • Published: 11th July 2019
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  • Business Administration personal statement (Masters)
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In this statement I plan like to introduce myself and express why I would like to apply for the Business Administration master degree program at Southern States University and what I have in mind for my future.

I earned my Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Istanbul Bilgi University. Istanbul Bilgi University is part of the Laureate international network and is one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in Istanbul/Turkey. My undergraduate education has developed my skills within business administration but I strongly believe continuing my studies at Southern States University will positively impact my future career.

My education at Bilgi University started in September 2011. Throughout my university life I have stayed active on campus, joining student clubs and networking at school events. In addition to this I have worked every summer to define my interests and decide about my future career. My first year at Bilgi University was dedicated to learning English. Following that, two years later I went to an extension program at the University of California, Irvine in order to further improve my English language skills. This was my first experience away from home and while I was nervous at first being on my own pushed me to become reliant on my own language skills. At the end of 2013, I worked in the CRM department as a full-time customer representative at Istanbul Bilgi University. This job really aided me in my human relations and crisis management skills. In my third year at Bilgi I worked as a human resources intern for Demsa Group Company, which distributes luxury brands such as Michael Kors, Gucci and Alexander McQueen in Turkey. My work at Demsa taught me inter-corporate relations, I was able to meet people from different cultures and this expanded my perspectives. All these experiences and the undergraduate courses I took at Bilgi University have broadened my horizons and helped me my passion about communication. After my graduation in August 2016, I applied for the Google Summer School in Turkey to learn Google Adwords and search engine optimization. I got my certifications in August 2016. I believe this was a big factor in my getting hired at Muratbey Gıda in Turkey, where I still work now as a business development and communications assistant. Working at this international company that has made revolutions in cheese production with its unique products, systems and patented production technologies globally has been very inspiring. Muratbey has taught me how to combine my educational background and my personal abilities to create value for the company.

One of my favorite memories at Bilgi University involves the day I volunteered for a social responsibility project titled ‘Time for Children’. The purpose of this program is to have children gain a better understanding of their peers and includes children in the 5th, 6th and 7th grades. I helped design the activities and directed children to play. This task improved my problem-solving abilities and taught me how prepare a business plan. With these abilities, I entered entrepreneurship contests with my projects and met with creative people, who love to spend time to find what people need and how can fix any existing problem like I do. At the beginning of my third semester at Bilgi I started a student club titled ‘Bilgili Liderler Club’ with my nine friends. I was responsible for the event department. I managed twelve events in a year such as carrier and branding meeting, entrepreneurship chat, office visit, meeting with Microsoft. Also, I prepared a party as a social responsibility project to get fund for autistic children in Christmas. I managed all communication process of the club and events from start to end. It improved me on management and human relations.

I am a self-starter, self-confident, hardworking and distinguished person through my education and very active in my social life as well with sports, excursions and other activities. I played volleyball and tennis in high school and realized during this time that sports take a great part in developing team spirit and human relations. These are two very important factors required to be successful in business. I do not think that I would encounter difficulties in foreign environments since I have a personal constitution focused on solutions. I am able to overcome difficulties easily with the help of my good human relations, my high convincing ability and my adaptability.

To achieve my career goals, I need to learn much more about corporate management and management techniques on an international level. A Master’s Degree will provide me with theoretical understanding, in depth idea of practical approaches in aiding managerial decision-making and research skills to enable me to develop an expertise in the core areas of business strategies and global corporate business operations. Master of Business Administration is ideally suited for my career plans and will be golden opportunity to help me to reach them. I believe that my undergraduate study at Istanbul Bilgi University and my proposed postgraduate study at Southern States University will complement each other perfectly for my future prospects. I also believe that the curriculum offered at Southern States University’s MBA program will not only help me to achieve my goals but also will help me to understand the world more than anything else.
As Abraham Lincoln once said: “I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.” I understand that one should do everything he has to do and be prepared in order to reach his aims no matter how many times he fails achieving his objectives. That is why I will keep trying until I meet my goals. I do not want to limit myself within the borders of my country or any other countries, and I want to seize every opportunity I have. Therefore, I not only want to study in USA, but I also hope to work there for about one year after graduation to experience its business environment. In this way, Southern States University would not only provide me with the academic background for launching my career, but also act as the gateway or steppingstone into the next phase of my profession.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that road to success in business life will appear vividly in my mind after attending to seminars and lectures of MBA at Southern States University. The fact that the courses I will take in your program will support my personal development and enlighten my career at the business world, sprinkles seeds of enthusiasm in me.

I look forward to be a part of the student community at Southern States University.


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