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Management and Strategy Masters personal statement

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  • Published: 6th October 2021
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  • Management and Strategy Masters personal statement
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Growing up in a business family has steered my aspirations onto an entrepreneurial path. I enjoy taking on challenges, both individual and team ones. Everything I have done has been to prepare myself for my dream to start my own company. To fulfill my ambitions, I would need to gain work and theoretical experience, and I have attempted to accomplish these by my choices so far. Pursuing a Masters in Management and Strategy at LSE would bring me another step closer to my goals. It would combine my economics background and skills that I already have, with those needed to achieve my dreams.

To successfully set up and manage a company, one needs to gain knowledge of all the aspects involved – finance, supply chain management, sales, operations, etc. I directed my efforts to develop the skill set required for my dream during my internships. I first interned at Client Associates, a private wealth management company. I worked with the mutual funds divisions to analyse the performance of certain funds. This internship strengthened my Excel and analysis skills. I was given the chance to put my knowledge of finance, learnt through the Foundations of Finance module at Warwick, to practical use. I understood how to undertake investing decisions, and how to diversify a portfolio.

I also interned with the direct tax team in Ernst and Young. This gave me useful insight into the tax decisions made by a company. I studied the foreign direct investment laws of India and wrote a report which highlighted the changes in those over the past years. Furthermore, I showed how these would affect the growth in the economy, and which industries would benefit most. This report was a great chance for me to extensively apply the macroeconomic theories that I have studied in my undergraduate degree. I grasped the relevance of rigorous tax laws. Furthermore, I conducted background research on decisions for some clients. I studied outsourcing for banking and the FATCA.

I chose my modules during my three years at Warwick very carefully, to ensure that I picked ones that would help me with me with my goals and that I would enjoy. Playing to my strengths, I studied economics and industrial organization. Therefore, I studied strategy modules in all my years. Game theory, together with microeconomics built a strong foundation for me to understand the concepts of Strategic Behaviour and Market Economics, Competition and Regulation. These modules provided me a comprehensive understanding of markets and strategic decisions made by companies. They provided a base of theories and skills, which would be enhanced by my study at LSE and which I can apply effectively to real world decisions while achieving my dreams.

Moreover, I took many business school modules, namely Foundations of Accounting, Foundations of Finance and International Business Strategy. All three modules built upon the base that I acquired through studying in Business studies in my last years at school. These modules have enable me to think critically and analyse situations from a business viewpoint. International Business Strategy developed my understanding of international markets, and enabled me to conduct an analysis of country-wise market conditions. Foundations of Accounting improved my financial analysis skills, which I can apply and further refine in various business modules that I will take during my masters. These modules kindled my passion for the subject and motivated me to apply for this course.

For my Research in Applied Economics essay I studied how market structure and competition affect prices of products in the luxury fashion industry. I applied the technical and theoretical knowledge I gained during my first two years studying economics and industrial organization. Combining the theories of Microeconomics with those of Market Structures, while using econometrics, to understand the relationship between price and competition has allowed me to think beyond just academic requirements. Furthermore, it compelled me to think analytically and to critically evaluate the topic. Through my research, I stepped out of my comfort zone to study something new and of immense practical importance. It has developed in me the thought process that is immensely important to a Masters. The project also required a comprehensive use of Excel and Stata. My improved skills at both will aid me greatly at this program.

Teamwork is crucial to most things in life, and I have embraced that since childhood. Being a Hockey player through my school years, I learnt how to be a member of a large team and coordinate with as many as 15 people. We won several competitions, both in and away from school. I was also part of the team that organized a cultural Fashion Show, at Warwick, to showcase the talents of many students from diverse backgrounds. I had to liaise with the models, societies and the coordinators. Furthermore, on the day several team members didn’t show up and I took the initiative to ensure that the show ran smoothly. This taught me to deal with time pressure and I developed the ability to find emergency solutions. Now, I am the Operations Officer in Warwick Blackout, which promotes sustainability around campus. My role is to organise the events around the year, mainly the Fashion Show, which is a part of the flagship event where we switch off the lights in the main buildings around campus. This Fashion Show is a challenge to arrange because we use only sustainable clothing and lighting, which can be difficult to source. However, working together with the other members and the sustainability team we have devised a method where the stage will be illuminated using eco-friendly tools. Organising both the Fashion Shows has enabled me to work well with deadlines and market well under a budget. I also learnt the need for contingency plans, a must have for startups.

In my last year at school, I was the Student In-charge of the IT Department. I lead the team that participated in competitions and liaised with the teachers and students. I faced many obstacles while at this role. The most prominent of these was that students were not enthusiastic to join. To rectify this I initiated and conducted projects to promote the department. I organized a workshop to teach software to interested students, arranged an intra-school competition to discover new talent and, thus, encouraged several students to join. Through this role I developed my leadership skills, and empowered myself to work well when faced with difficulties. I have learnt how to discipline myself, and can apply these skills when managing my workload at LSE.

The careers service at LSE offers me the chance to network with several employers across various industries in the country. I can exploit the opportunities available to establish myself in the business world. Furthermore, the cultural diversity and student societies existing around the campus will allow me to develop my personality further and connect with people from varied backgrounds.

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