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Supply Chain Management personal statement

This short personal statement is for a student looking to study supply chain management.

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Since high School, it has been my dream to contribute not only in the matters national economy but also in the international economy. In my guest to realize this dream, I worked extremely hard to achieve my dream and be among the people contributing to both the global and national economy. In high school I realized that my passion lied in the Supply Chain Management field and from then I dreamt of working hard to mitigate most of the problems that are associated with global Supply Chain Management.

Some of the challenges associated with the Global Supply Chain Management include; globalization of the operations involved in the manufacturing process, ensuring quality and safety of the products, ensuring short lead time, small inventories and enhanced throughput, ensuring consolidation of supplier base, ensuring access to modern technology in the using it for the purpose of improvement of the supply chain services, meeting global customer tests and preferences and ensuring market growth(Lambert et al 15). Being a professional in the field of supply chain management, I will ensure that I be fruitful by providing solutions to these problems facing Global Supply Chain Management.

Some of the solutions I will offer to these problems include; To resolve the challenge of product safety and security, I will ensure that the different manufacturers use the right raw materials that will ensure that not only high quality products are produced but also secure products which are fit for human consumption.

On the other hand, to resolve the challenge of globalization of manufacturing operation, I will ensure that I come up with guidelines that will ensure that the different manufacturing operations by different manufacturing industries meet the global standards. I will use my know how to initiate automatic order placement among other solutions to resolve the challenge of supplier base consolidation.

If given the opportunity, I promise to be a good student by adhering to the laws and regulations of your institution. In addition, I promise to work hard and be a solution provider for the different problems affecting the field of supply chain management.

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