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Public Health MSc personal statement

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  • Published: 5th July 2019
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With this letter, I hereby wish to state my interest and apply for Master Degree program in Public Health at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA. The reason people do not live healthier life style, take necessary precautions against illness and practice preventive medicine in reducing mortality and morbidity rate which are not just the basis of Public health but also have advantageous economic values is a cause of concern to me. My curious nature endear me to study Medical Laboratory Sciences at the undergraduate level which has provided me with the solid foundation in every areas of Public Health and has further helped me in appreciating the mechanism of disease conditions, progressions and diagnostic result. Through passion, confidence and a strong desire to excel made me graduate with Honors and ranked 6th overall in my class.

My believe that ‘Good things always happen to those who work hard’ has been a source of inspiration to me especially in my undergraduate program which gave me the basic knowledge and solid foundation to excel in Statistics, Medical Microbiology, Parasitology, Virology, Molecular biology, Mycology, Immunology, hematology, Blood Group Serology, Chemical pathology, Biotechnology and research. My internship and National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) period has further strengthen my interest, fuelled my resolve, increase my confidence and determination which has equipped me with practical and research knowledge to exhibit sound professional ethics and independent laboratory techniques. The seminar I had with the AIDS PREVENTION INITIATIVE IN NIGERIA (APIN) on the laboratory equipment use and maintenance has further improved my handling of laboratory equipment for efficient and quality result output.

My Alma Mata, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) has provided me with laboratory and research exposure through the organized departmental practical classes, hospital posting and encouraged research participation in the project work of senior colleagues. That has made me develop and polish my unique independent thinking and leadership quality which was acknowledged by my undergraduate project supervisor, MR B.S.A OSENI and made evident in my appointment as the leader of the research group. Being the leader of the project group increased my involvement in many research works of fellow research group mate which has helped me gain valuable knowledge and confidence. In addition, I was involved in tutoring my junior colleagues in the department on course subject that they find difficult and uninteresting which is in tandem with my fond believe that a knowledge shared can only multiply.

The environment that I grew up in Africa has created in me a continuous awareness of the negative impact of disease in the society majorly due to bad cultural practice, poverty, neglect and ignorance which has resulted in the reduction of the average life expectancy of the area. Having experienced at first hand, a situation where most people are suffering from one illness or other conditions that are either relatively unknown in the United State of America or are highly preventative and the adverse effect of a neglected society has increased my determination and passion to make a difference. I believe very strongly that I can be part of the major transposition in America and the World at large in the health field if allowed to proceed with my Masters in Public Health, where I can be inspired to contribute significantly through an open exchange of ideas, knowledge, leadership, accountability and professionalism.

Public Health excite me the most among the sub-disciplines of Medicine based on the wide area of focus in helping to prevent and solving both major and minor health issues like no other field. I am specifically interested in epidemiology and community health which are the cornerstone of public health in my opinion with a role in informing policy decisions and evidence-based practice by identifying risk factors for disease and target for preventive healthcare. In addition, I am interested in disease causative mechanism, transmission, outbreak analysis, disease screening and surveillance, biological monitoring, comparison of treatment effect and effective provision of quality healthcare to members of a population in a way that is consistent with the community’s cultural policy and health resource values. I welcome the opportunity of serving a large community and participating in a unique and challenging field and I hope to work with such hardworking and remarkable faculty members with outstanding professional experience in Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA. My imaginations expressively paint the complex details involved in Medicine which spurs me to carry out my undergraduate project titled ‘Hepatitis A virus incidence and coagulation studies in a riverine community infected with Schistosoma Hematobium’ and the observations detail the positive response and compromise of the human body to an invader which was quiet revealing. In addition, I have also carried out two other research work which include; Effect of inhalation of yam flower dust on hematological and coagulation parameters among Yam flower grinders in Osun state and Alpha fetoprotein estimation in immunocompromised individuals in Osun state in which the complicated mechanisms involved presented an existing course of event filled with plenty of mysteries which I hope to decipher at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA. I have attended various seminars and training on the effective use of statistical tools and equipped myself with vital information on public health from LabMedica and different online publications such as Lions in Winters by Mat Edelson that documented explicitly the combined 90-plus years work of Brad and David Sack on the front lines of the cholera war and systems thinking by Maryalice Yakutchik among others. All these activities have confirmed my growing interest in preventive medicine, affordable, quality and effective healthcare.

To strengthen my knowledge in Medicine, I volunteered as a member of Blood Drive Initiative; a Non-governmental organization saddled with the responsibility of recruiting voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors to provide safe and sustainable blood supply to meet the rising blood need of Nigeria which interestingly gave me a clear picture of the immune response towards Transfusion Transmissible Infections (TTIs). The volunteering service of distributing mosquito nets and repellant in Ika North-East Local Government Area, Delta state as part of my community development project during my National Youth Corps Service year has had a remarkable effect in reducing malaria in pregnancy and the overall malaria incidence in the area which is a tangible success from these humble effort.

Moreover, I hope to gain admission for my Masters in your prestigious institution and dream of becoming an established Public health researcher and scientist with the aim of contributing immensely in the education, diagnosis, management and treatment of disease of economic importance especially in Nigeria. Also being a Graduate Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management, I hope to promote a selfless service, service above self and to contribute to strategic transformation in my country through universal best practices, corporate governance standards and distinctive individual disciplines which being a postgraduate student at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA will further help inculcate.

I was actively involved in student politics at the undergraduate level which has made a compelling impact in my development and growth as an individual offering the necessary exposure to interact with different people of vast opinion, improve my communication skills, team working skills and leadership ability. Among the remarkable impact of my leadership qualities was the role I played as the Chief Justice of the Nigeria Medical Laboratory Science Student Association, LAUTECH Chapter in educating the association members on their fundamental human right as a citizen of the country and financial member of the association through partnership with a Legal Non-governmental organization (NGO) and setting up of a group of competent individuals tagged members of the Nigeria Medical Laboratory Science Student Bar Association (NBA) to promote an advocacy program for the association members.

I have been charged with enthusiasm and eagerness about the intriguing prospect of experiencing life in the United State of America with the many historical site and tourist attractions scattered all over the various cities. The dynamic weather condition of the United State of America is also worth the strong feeling as the country is profoundly called the ‘Country of Four seasons’ as against the two seasons being experienced here in Nigeria namely the harmathan and rainy season. The emphasis on all-inclusiveness and equal opportunities to all irrespective of nationalities, race and gender has also motivated me in sending my application coupled with the professional training and research oriented programs of the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA which has convinced me where my career pursuit lies.

I am aware of the competitive nature of the program and the large applicants, but I am convinced that my good academic record at the University undergraduate level and professional experience coupled with my strong motivation and enthusiasm that have manifested over the years in life science will give me a strong recommendation for a place at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA.

I am really looking forward to the consideration and acceptance of my application. Thank you.

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