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Nursing Science and Healthcare Leadership MSc personal statement example

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  • Published: 29th November 2021
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It was during one of my lectures of psychology class that lecturer was discussing about human emotions and nature of caring and she quoted Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer- ” The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” I left that class with many questions in my mind and one of which was to identify the purpose of my life, to direct my life and career in a direction where I can serve the society, achieve my goal of making a professional career and a profession that can give an outlet to my urge of helping people who are in desperate need of help. Health is the most important asset for everyone. When we are sick with medical illnesses, we realize how invaluable is the help and support we receive from others and we never forget those who stood by us fighting the sickness.

My interest in the healthcare and nursing was seeded back in my childhood. During one of the evening when I went to see my hospitalized grandfather who had been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and underwent surgery and placement of ileostomy bag. He was also unable to eat and needed nutrition through tubes directly placed in his stomach. I was very afraid and sad to see him in this condition yet, curious as to how he would be able to take care of himself. Just at the time his nurse arrived who changed the ambience of the whole room. She helped him with his bags and tubes as it was normal, not only had that she communicated with us in a way that made us feel as if she were our family member. She showed compassion and care towards my grandfather that reassured us that he is in good hands. Her words were soothing, and she filled us with hope and positive energy to deal with this serious medical illness. She made my grandfather smile and made him feel that he is a human first and patient later and we are together in helping him with his battle against cancer. I was very impressed by his nurse and I developed highest level of respect for her and towards nursing profession.

I grew up in the family of physicians. My elder brother and my cousins choose medical specialties as their career choice. Healthcare related discussions was always at our dinner table. My brother always spoke very highly about the nurses he is working with. I learned how nurses protect their patient, know every detail about them whether it is pain or family issue they are worried about and always eager to help their patients. I received ample amount of support when I discussed my career choice of nursing with my family.

During my undergraduate years at UC Davis I focused on pre-nursing classes to expand my understanding of human biology and physiology. I expanded my multilingual skills to my knowledge of Hindi, Urdu and English by undertaking Spanish course in my college. I  volunteered at the Kaiser Permanente hospital and assisted cancer patients with their chemotherapy and radiation appointments. Moreover, I completed clinical medical assistant course and consolidated my experience by undertaking an internship at Rehabilitation clinic. California medical facility is yet another institution that gave me an opportunity to advance my knowledge by assisting the psychiatrists to provide quality healthcare to inmate patients, perform medical tests on patients, update medical records and analyzing patients records to determine the lab procedure to be conducted. These years of experiences provided the first hand insight into what life as a nurse is like as well as familiarized me with practical aspect of nursing care. My experiences only strengthened my determination to pursue a career path as a nurse.

My academic qualifications and the extensive experience and knowledge I acquired from the intensive interaction with patients and different professionals in the nursing field and the educational requirement, make me fit the school’s mission which focuses on cultivating academic excellence through immersive and interdisciplinary education research in partnership with communities it serves. Having undertaken a course in the nursing sector as well as in cultural anthropology will help me to discover and disseminate information that will help to improve the quality of healthcare and shape the policy which is in line with the school’s mission. Besides nursing, I have also acquired knowledge and experience in different disciplines such as education as a tutor at Douglass middle school and Gibson elementary school. As a tutor, I was able to counsel children with social and emotional problems and mentor them on their academics.

I thrive on the gratitude I receive from my patients and their families and always strive to do more. I would like to have my nursing training in an environment where I can learn basic principles of nursing care and acquire clinical nursing skills required to deliver efficient nursing care. Long term, I would also like to participate in clinical outreach programs and to extend the healthcare to those in the community who do not have access to the proper healthcare. Eventually I would also like to be involved in educating and in training next generation of nursing professionals.

Undertaking a Master’s of Science in Nursing Science and Healthcare Leadership will significantly assist me to achieve my goal to become a Nurse Practitioner and be able to provide quality and accessible health care to those who cannot afford it and to improve the general community health care. This will be made possible by going through innovative education, and transformative research focused on UC Davis Betty Irene Moore school of nursing vision. Also, from the school’s core disciplines which are leadership development, cultural inclusiveness and innovative technology will help me to achieve a modern and efficient health care system which will be inclusive of all community members irrespective of their culture.


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