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Medicine example personal statement (7)

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I am convinced that medicine is the career for me because it combines scientific understanding with compassionate and caring delivery. This combination is a perfect match for me as I love science and I am passionate about improving the health and well-being of all members of society – from the new born to those nearing the end of their lives. I truly believe that medicine transforms peoples’ lives in a variety of ways, to enable them to achieve more and be happier. I want to be a part of this. A career in medicine requires total commitment and determination but is rewarded by a career that never stops evolving and a lifelong opportunity to continue to learn and develop as an individual. I initially became interested in medicine by listening to family members and friends talk about their work in the medical field, including the most interesting and challenging aspects of their day to day professions. Therefore, I endeavoured to further learn about the medical field through talking to junior doctors, undertaking first aid qualifications from the St John Ambulance and ECP and gaining first-hand experience during work experience placements as well as reading around the medical field.

One book I particularly enjoyed reading was ‘The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right’ by Atul Gawande which examines human error and its prevention using checklists; I then observed the use of checklists, as a means of organisation and maintaining a high standard of baseline performance, put into action by surgeons on a subsequent medical placement which I undertook in an orthopaedic surgery department. On this placement I witnessed the use of the WHO surgical checklist to minimise risks and human errors before, during and after surgery; perhaps most prominently it was used in a high-risk hip revision surgery which I observed, performed under spinal anaesthesia rather than general anaesthesia due to previous heart complications and weakness. The checklist ensured that all concerns were properly addressed and communication between the medical professionals was clear and adequately detailed.

I am lucky to be academically gifted, as recognised by my Sixth Form academic scholarship, but also understand the need to work hard; I have common sense and a logical, analytical and organised mind which allows me to tackle multiple challenges simultaneously and succeed. My academic record speaks for itself, however at the same time I balance a part time job at Waitrose, am working on ABRSM Grade 7 flute, have completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to silver level, trekked through Borneo, completed an EPQ concerning the effect of obesity on the NHS, learned to drive and have volunteered with the St John Ambulance, Oxfam, CAFOD, Parkside (disabled children’s charity), Step by Step (homeless charity) and at the Phyllis Tuckwell hospice. Each of these experiences, aside from leading to the frequent question ‘when do you sleep?’, have presented challenges for me to overcome as an individual, each allowing me to develop fundamental attributes ranging from resilience to perseverance to leadership, communication and teamwork. In particular, volunteering at the Phyllis Tuckwell hospice has allowed me to further develop resilience and compassion whilst working with their vulnerable patients and teamworking skills through working together with the volunteer team to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. Also, I have been confronted with many emotional situations whether it be dealing with my own emotions or those of the patient’s family and friends. Undertaking an EPQ has also challenged me, it has required much perseverance to maintain my motivation and overcome promblems such as having to modify my topic slightly to fit with the resources I had access to.

I am a flautist and enjoy partaking in the musical ensembles and choirs at school and I hope to join the university orchestra. I am also a keen badminton player, playing in doubles and singles matches at my local club.

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