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Medicine (Undergraduate) Personal Statement Example (8)

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  • Published: 3rd February 2022
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I would like to study medicine at university as I believe it has all the aspects that I want in my education and future career. Medicine is a subject that you will never stop learning from as new research allows medical professionals to provide new and improved care for patients. With my experiences as a volunteer and at work experience I was able to see from a different perspective how fulfilling a career in medicine can be, as to be able to be with a patient during perhaps their most vulnerable times and helping them overcome it, can be a very rewarding experience.

To prepare myself for the course I have attended the UCL Summer Challenge: Medicine, which gave me a deeper understanding on the ethical dilemmas that doctors face on a daily basis and how they overcome them to make decisions. From this I learnt about the ‘4 pillars of ethics’ and how significant they are in helping a doctor make decisions on the treatment of a patient. This also gave me an opportunity to expand and develop my views on topics such as abortion and euthanasia and I was able to learn from my peers and how others might use the ‘4 pillars of ethics’ similarly or differently to me in scenarios.

I was fortunate to gain work experience at GP Direct and at Northwick Park Hospital, which showed me the vast range of roles a doctor can have in primary and secondary care settings and how they all work to the same end goal: to make sure that the patient receives the best and most effective treatment. At the GP I observed the interaction between doctors and patients and I noticed how compassionate and committed the staff were in ensuring the patients concerns were addressed to enable the right and most effective method of care. This showed me how doctors integrate the 6 C’s into their work. At the hospital I shadowed a consultant at the Ambulatory Emergency Care Unit while he was doing ward rounds. There was a patient who was in a state of confusion and was quite agitated and aggressive while the doctor was trying to take a blood sample, the doctor and nurses spoke clearly and comforted the patient to calm him down. This showed me how the doctors and nurses all work as a part of a multi-disciplinary team and how efficiently they communicate with each other in order to find the right method of care to make the patient comfortable and at ease.

In addition I volunteer at St.Mark’s Hospital and I have volunteered at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. Both these experiences helped me to develop my communication skills as I was given the opportunity to talk to patients on the different ends of the process. Some were preparing for end of life care, while others were at the beginning stages of diagnosis and quite nervous and I was able to make them feel at ease while being compassionate and professional.

I am a subject rep for biology at my school, part of my role is to tutor students with topics they struggled with, this developed my patience and communication skills. During high school I was the captain of the netball team, which developed my leadership skills that I believe will be very useful in a career in medicine. There were certain times where I would have to take decisions to ensure that everyone worked as a team to help us to win the match. Sometimes such decisions would pay off and other times they wouldn’t. I believe these are useful skills as similarly in medicine there are going to be situations where a doctor would have to make a decision under pressure.

I believe that being a doctor and being able to be a part of patient’s journey and help them overcome their illness is very rewarding and the bond created between patient and doctor is very special. A career in medicine appeals to me as it links my love for learning and academics with being able to help people through some of their toughest times. My experiences have allowed me to gain and develop many skills that will be beneficial as a medical professional.


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