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Executive Master of Health Administration personal statement

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  • Published: 4th November 2021
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At age thirteen my mother decided she wanted to attend school and become a medical assistant. I remember her struggling to manage work, school, and also completing family obligations. At times I helped her with her school work especially writing papers because english was not her first language. This was when I was first introduced to the world of healthcare. I was naturally drawn to healthcare because I spent so much time helping my mom with her courses and I was able to understand and carry conversations about it with her. As I got older I realized that I had a very strong passion for helping others and I felt that healthcare was the way for me to fulfill that dream. My junior and senior year of high school I participated in the Patient Care Technician dual enrollment program and decided that when I went to college I wanted to become a nurse.

While attending my undergraduate years at the University of South Florida I did not apply myself as much as I should have in my studies. I still wanted to be a nurse but unfortunately my academic advisor told me that my GPA was not competitive enough so I should change my major. At that point I was so discouraged and made the decision to change my major to Gerontology so that I would not have to start all over. Surprisingly I really enjoyed gerontology and graduated with my bachelors degree. Afterwards I worked as a medical receptionist taking some time off school. During this time I felt lost and did not know what I wanted to pursue as far as a career, so I went back to what I originally wanted which was nursing.

I quickly signed myself up to re-take some courses at Valencia to boost my GPA and take a course I was missing for the Valencia College Nursing program. I knew that it would be a challenge because I was working full time and taking classes online but I was determined and focused to do well academically and I succeeded. Following that semester I came to the realization that nursing and being a clinical provider was not the way I was meant to help others. I’ve experienced different challenges in many aspects of life. Now more than ever I am certain that I’m prepared and even more passionate about my future in healthcare and how I can contribute to making a difference through leadership.

Throughout my years working in healthcare as a medical receptionist, patient coordinator, and assisted living administrator I have been able to develop a better understanding for the industry. Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry in terms of how and where care is given, how the care is financed, and who is providing the services. The significant growth of managed care in the recent years has been the primary reason as to why these changes have occurred. There are many other trends that are contributing to these rapid changes but I’m particularly interested in the efforts on how to implement continuous quality improvement initiatives similar to those found in other fields.

I recently read a book titled Delivering Happiness A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh. In his book he shares the many different lessons he learned in business and life. Tony speaks about making customer service the responsibility of the entire company not just a department. He focused on Zappos’ company culture as the number one priority and in turn the company made higher profits. He applied research from studies of happiness to running a business and helping employees grow personally and professionally. This book taught me how a very different approach in corporate culture is a strong model for achieving success and how by focusing on the happiness of those around you, you can dramatically increase your own. A happier culture for a more profitable business. As the number of well-informed patients increase, the demand for high-quality care also increases. I believe following the model of Delivering Happiness is a perfect example of a quality improvement initiative in which it can be effectively applied to the field of healthcare.

Getting accepted to the Executive Master of Health Administration and successful completion of the program will open the opportunities to improve the well-being of local communities and the organization serving the members within those communities through effective and innovative healthcare leadership.


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