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Engineering Personal Statement Examples

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  • Published: 4th November 2021
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Engineering is a career path that I have chosen after careful consideration.  I have always been fascinated by the way technology has been engineered specifically to make someone’s life much easier.  Studying engineering will allow me to combine my passion for making and improving current technology, to create new innovation that will impact lives of others in a positive way. My main interests in engineering lie within mechanical engineering, stemmed from my interest in cars and Formula 1. This passion has led me to attend the British Grand Prix which provided me with the opportunity of being able to witness and try to understand the complexity involved in the way the engines were engineered to sustain speed intensified driving. The complexity of F1 meant that even slight changes to acceleration and gear changes can have significant effects on lap times as well as the whole race itself. Discussing with my cousin, a Renault engineer, I was told that the handling of the vehicle is significant and I believe that this is true in many aspects of engineering. I arranged a placement at Alan Day City VW which highlighted the pivotal role of engineering.  During the time I discovered that most cars are now becoming efficient with the CO2 emissions however I learnt that the average mpg of most Golf’s in particular was 58.9 -60. I found this statistic shocking and it had a big influence on my decision to study mechanical engineering, with my focus being engine design and to potentially produce an engine that can do 70-80mpg but also be eco-friendly to the environment. I saw the need for an engineer to be calm and diagnose the faults on the car ensuring that it was duty to ensure that the car was roadworthy. This included me helping out doing MOT’s and services as well as general faults with cars. Shadowing a senior vehicle technician enabled me to see various procedures, such as replacement of a diesel oil particulate and changing a diesel engine into a gas one in which the need for teamwork and communication between various specialists was evident. Witnessing the unsuccessful diagnosis of a fault on the VW Transporter showed me that the solution will not always be given by the computer and that more logical thinking will be needed to rectify it. I enjoy tackling maths problems and using different methods to find solutions; this developed my problem -solving skills significantly, which is an expertise that is crucial for all engineers. Learning modules under the new reformed maths A –Level in mechanics has taught me key skills that have helped me with my technical understanding of the structures in mechanics and how the forces work. Volunteering at my local temple every year, talking and helping run activities like the annual chariot festivals for the devotees has helped me to develop my communication skills, whilst also learning how to deal with emergency situations as well as help engineer the chariot year on year to ensure its road worthy. In my spare time I enjoy practising football in which I have achieved many accolades as a team member, a process that has required both discipline and dedication. I also enjoy playing the violin in which I am currently working on my Grade 5. To add I have accomplished my grade 9 in the Indian drum, utilising that talent I now teach and give out my knowledge as well as expertise. Performing at prestigious venues multiple times such as the Beck theatre and Logan Hall has helped me develop the ability of staying focused and relaxed under pressure. Being in the senior leadership team at school involves me running and helping out during school events, during which I have had to use management and control strategies in dealing with large numbers of the school. The process of becoming a professional engineer is a long and intensive journey, however I believe that my passion for engineering and my perseverance will ensure that I achieve my goals step by step. I am aware that a career in engineering is challenging and demanding, however, I believe that I have the necessary skills and dedication to be able to thrive in this intellectually stimulating profession of innovating technology.


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