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Mechanical Engineer Personal Statement Example Personal Statement

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  • Published: 4th November 2021
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In an article on the importance of engineering in the modern world, one particular sentence stood out to me: “Engineers don’t sit back and watch – they make things happen”. It is this motto that inspires me to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. As a prospective engineer, I hope to be able to come up with innovative and modern ideas to meet the growing needs of our society today.

My study of Physics and Further Mathematics has given me the foundation to explore the roots of engineering. I particularly enjoy the Mechanics aspect of these subjects which requires me to think innovatively and apply my knowledge to real and practical applications. Intrigued by concepts such as circular motion, differential equations and fluid mechanics, I was motivated  to attend extension classes for both Mathematics and Physics, where I had the opportunity to explore Reynolds numbers and predicting flow patterns, and measure theory. The fundamental skills that I am learning will be useful across various disciplines and careers and I am excited by the prospect of applying what I have learnt in the classroom, to real-world situations. Another valuable extension opportunity was a school trip to CERN in Geneva, where I saw cutting-edge physics and engineering research taking place on a huge scale.

Keen for an insight into what a career in mechanical engineering would entail, I arranged a week’s work experience with Transport for London. On a visit to the abandoned Jubilee Line in Charing Cross, where I saw the infrastructure used in the station, I was fascinated by the complexities of the systems that were in place to assist in signalling and ensuring the safety of the passengers and drivers. In a subsequent week at Arup, I witnessed how engineers applied fundamental scientific principles to their designs, and I was struck by how different disciplines of engineering cohered to produce a final product. Working with engineers on a current project, I enjoyed being tasked with calculating the heat loads of several different rooms in a new building. This work experience confirmed my ambition to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.

During the summer of 2017, on a charity expedition to Uganda, I led a team of students in teaching Physics to large classes in the local school. Simplifying theories, clear communication, and enthusiasm were key skills needed to convey potentially complex physics. One creative highlight was using the water rocket experiment to explain the concept of pressure. The children thoroughly enjoyed this interactive lesson and took turns trying the rocket that I had built using simple tools. I took the initiative to fundraise for the trip by helping organise a sponsored cycle and bake sales as well as refereeing five-a-side matches, a role I continue to enjoy every weekend.

My teamwork, communication and leadership skills have been further developed through the Duke of Edinburgh award programme, and I have learned to manage my time well by balancing my work with other enriching activities. I am currently completing my Grade 8 piano qualification, and I also enjoy composing my own music using complex software. I have taken part in an entrepreneurial event for 11-19-year-olds in which our team of 5 students created an app aimed at helping GCSE students revise more effectively. We came 2nd out of 15 teams and showcased our product at the Growth Hacking World Forum. I also represent my school’s 2nd XI in football which allows me to balance my work and leisure time effectively.

I make sure to keep up to date with this continually advancing field by subscribing to magazines such as New Scientist and The Engineer. Recently, for example, I have been fascinated by Hyundai’s development of wearable robotic exoskeletons. I have always been intrigued by the unappreciated mechanisms behind daily objects, and I believe that this natural curiosity, combined with my interests in the sciences, will allow me to excel in my chosen career.


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