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Civil engineering personal statement example

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  • Published: 8th November 2021
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All disciplines of engineering have a vast importance to society. Personally, I believe Civil Engineering has one of the most substantial significance on socioeconomic developments. From the water we drink, roads we drive on, schools we learn in, almost every seemingly elementary function we perform has the involvement of a Civil Engineer.

My interest for engineering began from spending time at my uncle’s workplace as a child. He worked as an engineer, manufacturing beams used for structural frameworks. From a young age I developed a fascination for how individual elements interact. What attracts me to studying Civil Engineering …. I have had a particular interest in the materials used in projects. To further explore this topic, I recently visited the Rugby Cemex Plant, where I discovered how cement is made and the movement that Cemex has made to using alternative fuels and incorporated the use of household waste in the making of cement.

At A Level, I studied Physics, Mathematics and Biology, these subjects have given me the solid foundations   Biology helped me see the involvements of Civil Engineering with the environment. Physics allowed me to apply mathematics to real situations and understand how the theory translates

In school, I have had the responsibility of being a Maths Leader, where I assisted younger students with mathematics during after school sessions. During this role, I was able to adapt myself and work in a versatile manner with students of differing abilities.

I have attended Civil Engineering taster days at 3 universities.

In July 2015, I participated in a 5 day work placement at the Underground Professional Services department at Morgan Sindall.

I learnt how to do calculations to construct a box culvert and check the calculations were correct for a roof slab. I also learnt how to convert a 2D AutoCAD drawing into a 3D hand sketching for a jacking post and how to use the AutoCAD software to draw a 2D and 3D jacking post. In addition to the mathematic and software skills I obtained, I also learnt about the background of the organisation and the services they provide.

As well as my academic work, I have committed a notable time volunteering in the 3rd Sector. In December 2018, I completed a 10 week volunteer placement in Nepal with the charity Raleigh International. During the placement, I was on the Infrastructure Committee and demonstrated leadership, time management and strategy. I had to collaborate with the Nepali volunteers, many of whom did not speak fluent English. Being bilingual, I was adept to communicate in Hindi and relay information across the team.  As a team, we dug 3km of trenches to lay a new water pipeline and assisted with the construction of the water intake. On completion, the pipeline provided over 40 households with a clean water supply. We also built tap stands for 24 households in 5 days. We completed the infrastructure project with two weeks to spare. I expressed  my enthusiasm for learning by working  closely with the civil engineer in order to understand the design and route of the pipeline.

There was a noticeable lacking of infrastructure, sewage systems consisted of a large hole dug beneath the toilet, waste was disposed by burning contributing to harmful pollutants. Visiting Nepal outlined the importance that infrastructure has on advancing a country. This experience has cemented my decision on leading a career in Civil Engineering and driven me to do something that improves the lives of individuals.

Outside of my education, I work part-time at Next as a Home Sales Consultant, where I have learnt to coordinate with different staff members and effectively run the shop floor. I have a great passion for sports; Powerlifting, Pole Fitness and Tae Kwon Do are the regular sporting activities I do. Powerlifting has taught me patience, positivity and perseverance, skills which I have transferred

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