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Aeronautical / Astronautical Engineering Personal Statement

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Please write an essay of 250-650 words on the topic below.

Please write an essay describing what you would like us to know about you as a person. You might include exceptional hardships, challenges, or opportunities that have shaped or impacted your life. In addition, please feel free to write about personal responsibilities, achievements, special talents, educational goals or anything else that you would like us to consider as part of your application for admission.

One of the greatest memories I’ve kept in the back of my mind is the sight of my dad lying next to me on the bed after our four hour long daily nap. He had the most interesting deep ocean blue eyes that crinkled in the corners when he smiled, and when our eyes locked when he woke we would wink back and forth at each other just as if you were to flutter a light switch on and off. I was a true daddy’s girl and I loved to rock and roll with him wherever we went as long as I was getting my daily piggy back rides. Soon enough that would change and he would leave for months to work overseas in Saudi Arabia. We still Skyped back and forth as soon as I got home from school and he came to visit for two weeks at a time after every six months to buy me build a bears every chance he got. I thought i was living the life. As I was returning home from school one day I walked into a room of hurt and a lawyer by my father’s bedside. He was involved in a chain collision car crash and to make matters worse they found out he had cancer in the hospital. I just assumed everything would go back to normal in a matter of months but I was deeply mistaken. He went through multiple stages of chemotherapy. I nearly lost my best friend to my worst new enemy and I had no way to find revenge. But I still stand to be one of the lucky ones. I’ve never had to grow up with the pains of an empty stomach, or worry if I was to ever lose the roof over my head. From that point on I did as I was told and everything I could possibly do to make him proud. I am the current standing position of Drill Commander and Deputy Corps Commander of Warren East High Schools Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program and it gives me joy and persistence to influence and lead young ambitious cadets with integrity. I aspire to become an Aeronautical Engineer as an officer in the United States Air Force and being in a program such as AFJROTC has helped guide me in the right direction of being an outstanding influential leader. I can not only wait to see what life has in store for me, but I am ready to live and work for it at the University of Kentucky.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (500-word limit)

As industries shift and even collapse, areas of population density in America continue to change as the amount of available work in any given city ebbs and flows. What should the governmental response be to areas of economic devastation? If a town doesn’t have the jobs to employ its citizens, should the residents simply move? Should jobs be supplied in some manner? How do you see this process working in the future, and how do you imagine societal concepts of work and home might change because of these factors?

In the 1950s things seemed a bit more infinite. When anything was thrown away, it really wasn’t given the slightest of thought where the garbage went. Here in 2018, toxic pollution has skyrocketed, affecting more than two hundred million people world wide. But what if you had trillions of dollars to spend tacking environmental issues? Industries and transportations make upwards of ninety percent of all carbon emissions in the U.S.. If these large investors and companies spent time in investing in solutions to protect the environment and preserve their bottom line we would be saving ourselves from future mass pollution that would eventually be affecting our day-to-day lives in the worse manner possible. If the government were to work with the world’s largest investors and companies as well as policy makers, challenging them to transition away from fossil fuels to greener, cleaner technologies, it would have a tremendous impact on our economy. This would create new jobs in heavily populated towns, by not forcing people out, but helping our cities expand and grow resulting in a larger thriving economy. Solving the planets environmental challenges will require a transformation of the global economy. The government should be concerned in boosting investments in low-carbon solutions, and change the way companies do business to create a healthy planet and a sustainable economy. Fifty years from now if the U.S. helps this beneficial promise we would move gradually from a linear economy to a circular by keeping materials in a rotation of recycling and not allowing them to waste away in landfills. LIfe would be lived as a Utopia, helping our ethics bloom and allowing us to create a safe and comfortable society for our descendants.

Integrity (500-word limit)

In the original Jurassic Park film, Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum, says with emphasis, “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Honors students often work tirelessly for change and innovation – but we also value thinking through ethical dilemmas, especially when there are no easy answers. What is a currently-emerging innovation or cultural shift that could be further developed but about which you feel a sense of conflict? Be sure to explain your position and articulate your distinct concerns.

When king Midas was granted one wish by the gods, he wished that everything he touched would turn into gold. To his delight, trees, rocks, and buildings would all turn into gold, but soon after he would be brought to horror when the food he ate would be turned to gold as well. He then shortly after hugged his daughter to soothe the pain, only to realize his mistake too late. The richest man was heartbroken, hungry, and alone. Just like him, humanity was granted a similar wish with plastic. Plastic has saturated the environment and invaded the animals we eat, eventually finding its way into our bodies. Plastic does not require time consuming manual work, and can be easily mass produced. Its raw materials are available in vast amounts and are incredibly cheap, leading to the golden era of plastics to begin. Plastic has been ceased to be a revolutionary material but soon found its way into our disposal. Plastic is disposed of everyday in vast amounts and we don’t seem to bat an eye. Plastic just appears and goes away. Unfortunately it doesn’t due to the synthetic fibers in the material being so durable that it takes between five hundred to one thousand years to break down and somehow we’ve collectively decided to use the material for things meant to be thrown away. Plastic pollution is a complicated problem. Just like Mitas we had a good time with it, but if we are not careful we will end up in a world we didn’t wish for.

Honors Pathway Essay for SEAM (100-word limit)

Industry requirements for the 21st century necessitate professionals to be well rounded in both problem solving and strategic business planning. How might you view the SEAM program assisting you in becoming part of these elite multidisciplinary leaders who are in such high demand?*

As I embark on the start of my future career it is in my best interest to learn from the SEAM program to expose myself to teamwork with technology minded individuals. We all contain skills and abilities, but without nurturing them they will never serve us. This program will help me take that extra step in furthering my education and development all while helping me become a well rounded individual and an elite multidisciplinary leader.

Question Prompt (500-word limit)

“Exposure to new ideas and beliefs carried by different members of our community challenges us to grow intellectually and socially, preparing us for the world beyond our campus.”

– UK President Eli Capilouto

Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates how you would contribute to the educational diversity at UK.

For years my childhood dream was to become an astronaut. I would dream to explore the vast and empty universe and live among the stars. Now that I’ve come of age to pursue that dream it seems a bit more difficult and out of reach than I once thought. Through dedication and hard work I’ve devoted myself to the world of math and science to one day pursue a career in Astronautical Engineering. Breaking the boundaries of women and being seen as a different approach to the world of aero technology has been one of my many ambitious goals in life to achieve the wildlife of success. Not only am I focused on having a career in the field of Aeronautical/ Astronautical Engineering, I have been dedicated to my high school AFJROTC program for the full fledged four years and will be continuing that portion of my life onward by joining the ROTC program in college as well. Being an Asian compassionate woman in my school has lead me to become a courageous leader and a well rounded cadet that my fellow peers can look up to in any time of need and leadership with integrity. I have strived to be at my best at all times at Warren East High School and am willing to take the extra step to continue that lifestyle with responsibility at the University of Kentucky.


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