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Dentistry Personal Statement Example

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  • Published: 10th November 2021
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My interest towards art transformed into a passion when my teacher asked me to draw anatomical diagrams in the biology class on the blackboard. Family background of doctors, interest towards the functioning of the human body and the recognition for art have made me score well especially in Biological Sciences. At home, since a young age I was exposed to various discussions related to healthcare and medicine leaving me amazed by the intricacies of this medical profession. Whenever I visited the hospital, I was impressed by my dad’s strong work ethic, medical knowledge, surgical skills, and his compassion towards patients and their loved ones. He has been my role model since childhood and this experience and background has always motivated me to be involved in a healthcare field. I chose dentistry as it integrates my love for art with science and offers a work-life balance in the healthcare field.

Five years of study at my dental school in India and an inherent interest to learn new things, I have nurtured strong academic and clinical skills, along with excellent leadership qualities and a passion for community service qualifying me to become an excellent dentist. Eventually, during my clinical years, Oral Medicine became my favorite subject as I learnt to utilize my knowledge base to arrive at a diagnosis in a clinical setting. From my brother’s questionable fluorosis condition to a woman with oral cancer, arriving at a diagnosis was exciting. My interest was strengthened by Professor Aditya’s constant encouragement and by an opportunity to assist a resident with advanced radiographic techniques.

I believe that a dentist holds a responsibility to reach out and prevent oral diseases. With this belief, I have organized and performed in a street play for oral cancer awareness. As a part of National Service Scheme, I have stayed in rural areas in India, for a week to serve the dental needs of undeserved people. Participating in mission trips to offer treatment in the mobile dental van for school kids and volunteering for tobacco cessation counseling at our school have made me ecstatic and filled me with satisfaction. The privilege of screening children at the Centre for Cerebral Palsy in India is an experience very close to my heart, as I learned the art of giving hope. I realized the significance of integrated healthcare when I teamed up with otolaryngologists to diagnose referred pain to the temporomandibular joint. Apart from this, volunteering as an emcee for the cardiovascular symposium at my dental school in India honed on my communication skills. Volunteering activities made me feel like an important part of the mission for the well-being of the society.

With a strong interest and a firm grip on pathology and microbiology, I began to read articles on the patho-biological aspects of oral diseases. This introduced me to the world of research, where I could see the potential of this field to really make a difference by inventing new methods for prevention, early diagnosis, cheaper and better treatment modalities. To learn more about research and practice evidence-based dentistry, I am pursuing a Masters degree in Oral Biology and I am currently working on two projects under Dr. Liang’s mentorship, focusing on the treatment aspect of periodontal disease. I have successfully presented my research rotation project, as a poster at the Research! Louisville. In addition, at University of Louisville, I encountered 3D printing technology in dentistry, which was exciting. I teamed up with the Department of Mechanical engineering where I helped design and print a prototype of dentures. This overall experience has opened the scope and opportunity to integrate my interest in clinical knowledge with research.

As a student at University of Louisville Dental School, I have shadowed student clinics to learn about US dental practices. I am fortunate to have selfless mentors who provide me with shadowing and assisting opportunities. I was elated when Dr. Johnson from Mortenson Dental clinic included the history of cannabis use in her medical chart when I discussed an article on the significant increase in alveolar bone loss following cannabis use. This incident made me realize the importance of incorporating the research into clinical dentistry which forms the basis of practicing evidence-based dentistry.

In the long term, I envision myself as an academic periodontist serving the community with professionalism and compassion. Personally, I think that a dentist with such a vision always needs a driving force to keep moving forward in his/her efforts towards developing society. The DDS/DMD program at your University will serve as my driving force towards learning, discovery and public service by complimenting my strong clinical and research background. Moreover, training with advanced technologies and under renowned faculty will build upon my existing knowledge of dentistry by giving it an extra edge. Although I am sure that there will be challenges along this path; my determination, hard work, and resilience urges me to accept and rise above them which makes me a perfect candidate for your program.

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