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Biomedical Sciences personal statement example

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  • Published: 9th November 2021
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From a young age one prominent question was placed in my mind, ‘why can’t we live forever?’, this was the one question that began my curiosity in the world of science. As an enthusiastic and dedicated student my fond interest in biology includes being extremely inquisitive about the physiology of the human body.

Biomedical science plays a vital role in the research of many life threatening diseases and in finding a cure for each. The opportunity of giving people the chance to live a healthy life has reinforced my desire to pursue a career in the health sector.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of studying A-Level Biology and I am eager to further my studies. My fascination within science has been ever expanded by the books ‘The Brain’ by David Eagleman and ‘The vital question’ by Nick Lane which challenges science at a higher level. Both biology and chemistry AS level have provided me with a deeper knowledge of this infinitive area. Furthermore A-Level religion and the module medical ethics has played a valuable role in illustrating the importance of personal autonomy and medical dilemmas, as it highlights many grey areas such as Euthanasia.

The intricacy of human anatomy is an aspect that led me to incorporate an artistic view in biology as I placed my GCSE art theme on human anatomy and osteology, in which I achieved joint top in Northern Ireland. Furthering my curiosity I have read numerous articles on various topics such as antibiotic resistance and epigenetics. The flexibility of the biomedical course is what I find most appealing as the content consists of a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from neuroscience to immunology. This allows me to direct my learning to my interests.

Within the third year I am most eager to design and carryout an independent project of personal preference. Acting on this desire to further deepen my interest in medical science, I was fortunate enough to partake work experience placement within both the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Royal Belfast Hospital for sick children. Within my time there I shadowed both an ICU and cystic fibrosis consultant which was an amazing experience that allowed me to develop and apply my knowledge to real life situations. Being involved in group meeting diagnoses of x-rays in ICU advanced my knowledge on bone anatomy and physiology. It gave me the opportunity to develop my communication skills and experience working with a huge range of people from all sorts of medical backgrounds. I gained a greater and more realistic awareness of the everyday realities of life in the health service. By shadowing an F1 doctor I watched basic procedures such as phlebotomy, insertion of a venflon and prescribing analgesia and fluids. These experiences provided me with valuable insights into the role of working in the healthcare profession.

I learned about the huge range of skills required at the very outset of a medical career as well as the considerable time pressures and need for careful prioritisation of tasks. I also gained valuable experience in a Care Home shadowing a RGN nurse. This projected a holistic vision of health as a whole. I would be suited to the biomedical science course as alongside my academic dedication I have been able to enjoy many hobbies. Within school I have been an active member of the senior choir, orchestra and netball team for the past 7 years. Participating in many events such as BBC Radio Ulster school choir of the year, spring concerts and shows.

I also partake brass and percussion lessons highlighting my musical interest alongside school work. Within the  previous year I was given the opportunity to undertake mentoring with a GCSE chemistry student which allowed me to obtain valuable leadership skills. I obtained the role of a Senior Prefect this year being involved in running clubs. I have not only shown leadership within my school life but as an active and committed member to Rowan Academy of Dance school in which I am the team captain.

I was given the opportunity to work on a scheme volunteering with a child with a disability. I made a close bond with this child and helped to develop his communication and confidence through my continual interaction. I have also been involved in fundraising events such as for Newry Hospice, the Paralympics and PIPS awareness scheme as an Our Lady’s representative. I am a committed student and always active in my leisure and I feel this will help me to easily adapt to university. I would relish the opportunity to study Biomedical Sciences at university and I feel that I would greatly benefit from further study in this subject. As we are now in the height of scientific breakthrough in many fields it would be a great privilege to be a part of this groundbreaking progress.


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