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Biomedical science personal statement (2)

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  • Published: 23rd December 2019
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  • Biomedical science personal statement (2)
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In order to conserve and maintain our presence as part of a civilization, we humans often depend on education where it is within our nature to have immeasurable and endless inquisitiveness. Although menaced by many diseases globally, Alzheimer’s is an example that allows biomedical scientists to be able to investigate the role of the immune system by using donated brain tissue to specifically look into the genes of people with genetic Alzheimer’s compared to people who develop it randomly. Research like this is one of the reasons behind what enriches my passion for biomedical science most.

Studying a foundation year to allowed me to better my knowledge in science and confirmed my desire to study biomedical science and provided me the opportunity to develop new interests within the field. I was able to revise and perfect my basic knowledge and take part in practicals in and out of the laboratory. In human biology, I learned how essential proteins are in the human body in several different ways and how our bodies are constructed from protein molecules to make enzymes and hormones, which was definitely one of the most intriguing topics to study in biology. Moving to my first and current year in biomedical, I am studying are Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, Human Anatomy & Physiology and Essential chemistry. Having a mathematical background from my foundation year assisted me when analysing data and statistics from research for my projects. Using and understanding microscopes was the most interesting part of cellular biology. Testing biological samples, analysing results and writing detailed lab reports based on the reviewed practical results, focus & attention to detail is necessary, but a technical mindset is required to discuss the overall outcome of the experiment and unexpected errors confidently. Exploring the anatomy of the human body and physiology of the heart allowed me to delve deeper into emerging diseases such as stress and anxiety and the extreme effects they can both have on the body.

Being a member of the Biomedical science society has opened doors of opportunities for me and has helped boost my confidence in finding appropriate work experience/voluntary work in hospitals across London. Surrounding myself with students not only studying the same course as me but are also taking the same path as me, motivated me and allowed me to further my knowledge and prepare myself for what this field will require from me in the future. Having done different kinds of work experience over the past 24 months, shadowing a GP for almost 3 months gave me an insight on the NHS and taught me patience and professionalism to a whole different level where being able to observe practitioners maintain confidentiality and a caring nature towards their patients who they genuinely enjoy helping. During my time at Chase Farm hospital, I was part of the Youngsters Volunteer Scheme where I took part in a dementia training programme helping me later when working at a residential care home as a prominent team member alongside the elderly dementia victims.

When I’m at not university or volunteering, as a violinist from a young age, I enjoy enhancing my musical skills as a part of my life out of my academic study. I also horse ride regularly at my local equestrian centre which has allowed me to perfect my leadership and communication skills in situations where you must take control and lead whilst remaining calm, clear, quick and in control. Being in a place where education is available for all and as a humanitarian, I can only emphasis how important and beneficial it is to help others in need. Raising almost £5000 for Camps international Ecuador had to be my favourite, being abroad and helping to build foundations for new schools and toilets for the community, definitely gave me the opportunity to strengthen my teamwork skills. I very much believe I not only have the skills but also the passion for any profession within a biomedical basis.

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