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Politics personal statement

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  • Published: 23rd December 2019
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  • Politics personal statement
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For me politics is like a heated chess game, every move is calculated and concise, and one’s strategy ever changing. I love the back and forth of modern politics, and admire charismatic politicians and leaders, who unite millions of people under their ideals in order to create meaningful change.

Ever since the 2016 American presidential campaign, my life goal has been to pursue a career in politics. During the course of the presidential election, I watched every debate, assessed the rhetoric of every candidate, and strived to understand the social, economic and political ramifications of each event and controversy.

After the 2016 election, I knew that I wanted to continue pursuing politics, and subsequently focused my attention on broadening my knowledge of the wider political world. I became captivated with the both national and international political culture, relations and elections, however as I continued to pursue my passion, I became increasingly fascinated by the role macro/micro economics plays within a country, and how it relates to politics, influencing everything from policy to reserve bank decisions and private equity markets.

It is this relationship between the theoretical applications of economics and modern politics, that not only excites me, but has become the cornerstone of an unwavering pursuit of knowledge in both subjects, that has not only constantly sustained my interest, but encouraged me to pursue them at a tertiary level.

It is this unwavering pursuit of knowledge, that has not only led me to undertake three separate University entrance qualifications, but to pursue politics through a variety of extracurricular activities in both Auckland and Wanaka. Activities such as Model United Nations and Leadership and Political Summits, helped enhance my political aptitude and leadership ability, whilst giving me invaluable experience within the political field. I also honed my public speaking ability, winning the Mount Aspiring College debate competition, and competing in the Auckland senior debating league, in which I was constantly awarded ‘best speaker in the debate’.

Outside of traditional extracurricular activities, I utilised my personal passion for computer programming, to design small stock and microeconomic forecasts, by creating a computer program that took public data and analysed it, looking for previous patterns to build predictive models. By predicting long term trends in both the NASDAQ and smaller markets such as the the American home improvement industry, I not only built upon my passion for economics but utilised my geography and research skills to isolate specific areas that I thought would see new or prolonged sector development. By analysing macroeconomic data, geographical data and political trends, I used my predictive models to practice investing through day trading programs, allowing me to gain meaningful financial and economic experience.

The University of Edinburgh’s diverse and unique learning environment, would not only provide me with an unparalleled experience, it would make available the necessary knowledge and resources to continue to pursue my passion in Politics and Economics, and create meaningful change.

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