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Architecture personal statement (2)

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  • Published: 23rd December 2019
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  • Architecture personal statement (2)
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Architecture is a complex and articulated process that ultimately has an impact on us all in some way or another. It does not exist for its own sake but instead must address social, environmental and economic objectives. Within recent years, my father and uncle have fused a sense of inquisitiveness in me, alongside an ardour to share ideas through daily conversations, ranging from the array of disciplines within architecture to the intrinsic connections architecture possesses within our contemporary world, which in turn have encouraged me to pursue the subject at a higher level.

Outside of education, travelling to certain countries such as China, Italy and Dubai, experiencing the human and natural landscape of these countries’ has opened my eyes to a multitude of methods and correlations of engineering and architectural proficiency. The Pyramids of Giza, the Burj Khalifa and the London Aquatics Centre are a few of my many interests for taking in renowned architectural achievements. Sketching and recording the detail of these have reinforced the development of my innovative skills and compliment my innate inquisition into the theory and technique of their construction. With London being the central piece of urban areas in Europe, I am extremely fortunate enough to have lived here all my life in which I have witnessed first-hand the eclectic combination of architectural styles. Architects such as Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid and Oscar Niemeyer have imbued within me a sense of unwavering optimism for the future and belief in the power of invention with advanced neo-futuristic designs.

My summer experience at my uncle’s architecture firm has reaffirmed my propensity for accuracy, function and endurance in design and structure. Throughout this experience, I had the opportunity to assist the planning of a project consisting of 13 houses in the rural outskirts of Pristina and another massive project of 115 apartments that will be constructed near the US embassy in Pristina. I also have had the opportunity to visit various construction sites with my father and one of which working in close partnership with H+H and having seen first-hand demonstration of the newly developed I-House. This development has motivated me to look at alternative methods of building efficiently which would meet the high demand into the UK housing whilst providing rapid build, cost certainty and an environmentally friendly home.

Having decided to pursue my interest in Architecture throughout my studies, I have maintained to balance the technical and creative aspect of the discipline. Through drawing and painting in my free time, I dedicated my school studies to obtaining the scientific knowledge which is also crucial, particularly in a period when the advancement of technology and environmental concerns inevitably drive architecture to an ever greater degree. In my spare time, I have recently started teaching young people how to use several PC applications, such as AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit and Photoshop. This experience has stressed the need for planning, patience and presenting work accurately for others to follow. Basketball is a major part of my extracurricular life and other than being in the school basketball team, I am also am a member of a private basketball team that enters many competitions throughout the course of the year and this has improved my teamwork and leadership skills.

The modification of urban development has reinforced my belief that architecture is ultimately integral to our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. University will provide the ideal environment in which to enhance and assess my understanding of such a discipline, whilst being a place where I can pragmatically construct and contribute my own creativity to the subject. Fused with its real world significance, I believe Architecture to be a demanding and diverse discipline making it an exciting subject to study.

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