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Architectural degree personal statement (6)

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  • Published: 18th January 2023
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Design is a fundamental aspect of modern civilization, and the concept that we can contemplate an idea then develop it into physical form enthuses me. Living in London, I am surrounded by a multiplicity of buildings where, when designed well, controversial brutalist structures can coexist alongside those with neoclassical constructs. With innovative design, we have a unique ability to influence our quality of life, improve wellbeing and shape the environment for future generations which, together with a keen interest in our interconnected world, draws me to the study of architecture.

My enthusiasm for the subject began in earnest after attending a lecture by Alex de Rijke. I found his use of innovative materials and the artistic influences that resonate throughout his work particularly unique. It is his influence that has led me to look for ways to incorporate my interest in art within design itself. I am an active member of my school’s History of Art Society and the editor of ‘ARTicle’, the society’s’ journal. In the society, I have presented ‘Rodchenko: A Photographic Revolution’, a talk on the photographic representation of societal constructs, which present distorted views, and afterwards I lead a debate on political propaganda in art. I believe that my exposure to a more creative world will affect my decision making and allow me to apply lateral thinking to a variety of problems I may encounter. Following my reading of ‘Light in Japanese Architecture’ by Henry Plummer, I have looked for other ways of incorporating natural forms within design. I was introduced to ‘Jutaku’ houses, such as the work of Sou Fujimoto, whose project ‘House NA’ responds to a crowded city by converting a discarded area into an asset, redefining the rules of architectural design. The Japanese influence in my work also comes from my interest in origami, where the concept of creating three-dimensional shapes from two dimensions has always intrigued me. The work of Toyo Ito is of particular significance, as his desire to engage the physical and virtual world through design maintains my piqued interest.

To add a practical element to my interest, for my Design Technology project I am designing a pavilion for the Art Department at my school. Incorporating structural origami designs, I hope to create a multifunctional, modular space, which respects the surrounding environment and can be continually adapted to cater for my clients’ ever-changing spatial needs. I have also been fortunate to undertake a placement at TP Bennett, which allowed me to comprehend the complexities of the profession. The understanding I gained working with interior designers, architects, engineers, and a site visit provided valuable practical experience, reinforcing my preconceptions of an architectural career with reality. Next year, after being invited to return, I hope to develop my knowledge further and learn more about the industry. I also have an intensive job as a barista at a local independent café, which has given me useful skills in dealing with customers and I have also recently submitted plans to my management for a vandal-proof park cafe and wish to be involved in concepts for the upcoming project.

Mathematics has always been relevant to me, I find the parameters and accuracy of the work satisfying, but also enjoy the opportunity to solve problems in a more abstract way. My geography course highlights current environmental issues such as rapid population growth and the scarcity of space and resources, which continually prompt me to be perceptive of our environment. I am also inspired to use design to tackle immediate issues such as overpopulation and global warming as, for me, there is an imminent need to modify architectural processes to provide a more sustainable environment. The constant reinvention and imagination of the field continues to excite me, and in embarking on an Architectural degree I hope to gain invaluable skills in sophisticated design where I could positively contribute to the world in a physical and permanent sense.


Originally published 15.10.2019 on a sister site.

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