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Architecture personal statement

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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  • Architecture personal statement
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Design is a fundamental part of our environment. My desire to study Architecture builds on my keen interest in our built environment and interconnected world. Using innovative design, we have the unique ability to influence our quality of life, by improving current wellbeing and shaping the atmosphere for future generations. Living in London, I have been constantly surrounded by a multiplicity of buildings and design movements, where controversial brutalist structures can be situated next to those with neo-classical constructs. I have always been interested in how we can contemplate an idea and develop it from a concept into a physical representation.

In particular, use of design to solve problems interests me, as the topic is unbounded. By studying A Level Geography, current environmental issues such as rapid population growth and the scarcity of space and resources prompted me to be more aware of my surroundings. It encompasses aspects such as globalisation, our restless earth and population changes, all of which intrigue me. In furthering my geographical knowledge, I will be able to use design to tackle imminent problems such as overpopulation and global warming. To me, there is an immediate necessity to modify the architectural processes in order to provide a more sustainable environment. Following my reading of Light in Japanese Architecture by Henry Plummer, which explained how natural light can be used to improve comfort, I have looked for alternative ways to approach design. This book also enlightened me to the design of Japanese Jutaku Houses, which respond to crowded cities by turning necessity into assets and strive to design unorthodox houses and in the process, redefining rules of design.

This year, I have decided to use my Design Technology A Level to respond to spatial problems at my school, by designing a pavilion for the Art Department.

Along with my interests in the environment, I attend History of Art Society in my school, and have been selected as the editor of ARTicle, an annual art history journal, which has been sponsored by the Dulwich Picture Gallery, and who I am working with as part of their youth team.

As part of the society, I presented on Rodchenko: A Photographic Revolution, where I expressed my fascination in how photography became a way to represent societal constructs, not just a depiction of reality which lead into a debate on place representation in art.

(Work placement with TP Bennett)
This year, I undertook work experience at TP Bennett, which helped me to comprehend the complexities of the profession. The knowledge I gained working with interior designers, architects, engineers, and touring a site

My interest on the subject was formed fully after attending a lecture by Alex de Rijke, where his passion for the subject really fascinated me. His creativity in all aspects of design was

By embarking on an Architectural degree, I hope to gain invaluable skills in complex design and positively contribute to the world. The possibility that I could make a difference and contribute to the world in a physical and permanent sense has always piqued my interest in architecture, and I am excited by the prospect of fulfilling my design needs.


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