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MSc Data Science personal statement

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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  • MSc Data Science personal statement
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Like the vast and ever-expanding universe, the big data fields are in a perpetual expansion mode. Both fascinate me.

My education has provided me with the fundamentals to work comfortably with computers, numbers and programming languages. My work experience in the field of technology and business management has provided me with a chance to implement my learning to solve the real-world challenges. I want to probe the field of Big data, predictive analytics and AI and satisfy my curiosity while creating solutions for some of the problems faced by humanity and businesses.

My experience as a software engineer and business consultant on large, data-intensive projects in the UK has provided me with a good exposure to the real-world challenges being faced by various industries and governments. In this era of big data, firms have realised the urgent need to transition from traditional ways of doing business to new ways by effectively managing and analysing the structured or unstructured lakes of real-time or historical data.

These days, it is essential to understand and process all aspects of data and analyse it to arrive at the most optimal choice for decision making as there are endless possibilities. I find the processes of gathering, analysing and presenting data, fulfilling as these provide new insights from converting the raw data into meaningful information to help make weighted decisions. I have analysed data and have ample hands on experience in programming languages (like SQL and JSON etc.) and making graphs using Excel and Tableau.

Building mission-critical, data-driven systems that can answer demanding questions has improved and enhanced my learning and contributed to my growth as a consultant. I have observed and appreciated the radical shift from old to new ways with increasing reliance on data analysis in making business decisions. My education and experience have made me aware the various possibilities, tools and methods for data analysis.

My goal is to be a Data Scientist in an organisation after completing this degree and later to build my own enterprise focusing on mentoring new generation of data scientists working on ideas towards addressing real-world problems. I aim to help businesses make informed, data-driven decisions based on trends in key metrics by applying the most appropriate application of information analytics and statistical techniques to increase business value. I wish to join the MSc Data Science program with industry placement at Essex university. The specific course content is thorough, comprehensive, and it will fill in the gaps in my knowledge of mathematical and statistical theory.

This program resonates with my ideas and will be a perfect place to continue my education. Learning Data Science and practising it in a live scenario will make me future ready to face any challenges in my career. I look forward to sharing my transferable skills and knowledge gained in the last 10 years with my peer group and thus contribute my little share to the university.


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