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Sociology personal statement

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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  • Sociology personal statement
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Sociology is a huge passion of mine as I believe that the world we live in today is never the same as the day before. The diversity across the globe is important to study as it influences our lives on an everyday basis whether that be through the media, religion or our communities.

Criminology first captivated my attention through the daily news stories about violence and conflict across the globe, impacting societies and individuals’ lives. I began to question what causes people to commit crimes and how as a society we can stop crime from happening. However, after studying crime and deviance in A-Level Sociology and reading ‘The Sociology of Crime’ by Stephen Hester & Peter Eglin, I learnt that there was not just one set explanation behind why an individual commits a crime and that there are thousands of explanations which I hope to delve into further throughout my degree.

Sociology at A-Level has given me the opportunity to develop my enthusiasm for the subtopic- ethnic differences within crime. I believe that ethnicity is one of, if not the most influential factor into crime and society, so much so that I conducted my English Language investigation as a part of my A-Level on ‘how black gun crimes are portrayed differently to white gun crimes within the media’ and my history coursework about how black lives had changed in America from 1870-1970.

My English Language A-Level has allowed me to develop my analytical skills into the meanings of stereotypes and how they influence societal expectations. We also considered how different social groups divide through language differences. I can use the skills I gained in English Language to consider how what we say influences society.

I feel that problem solving will be a clear theme throughout this degree, which is ideal as I have developed my problem solving skills and initative through my two part time jobs and my Duke of Edinburgh award.

My most rewarding work experience placement was at the Joseph Wright Sixth Form where I observed Sociology, Criminology and English Language A-Level classes. Although I was the same age as the students, I was quickly able to bond with staff as I supported them in classes by creating resources for them to use with their A-Level groups. I worked independently with students to help them excel and used my initiative to include subjects they had not yet studied but I had due to the difference in curriculum.

After observing the criminology class, I immediately was able to debate issues with the students due to my strong opinions formed through my Sociology experience. The Head of Social Sciences described my ‘dedicated work ethic’ and noted how my ‘passion for sociology was clear’.

This experience was eyeopening as I saw the diverse class debate about sociology and crime which inspired me to bring these ideas into my A-Level sociology class once I returned from my placement.

I believe that I cannot study sociology completely without considering crime, and I cannot study criminology completely without considering society therefore making this dual honours ideal for me to gain a deeper understanding into how the criminal justice system works and successfully maintains social solidarity.


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