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Psychology personal statement example

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  • Published: 5th July 2019
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  • Psychology personal statement example
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Deciding which college or university to attend is one of the most important decisions a person has to fulfil in life because this choice has lifelong results. I graduated from Miami Dade College in the year 2008; I really did not know where to study afterwards. None of the other universities had what I was really looking for until I found St. Thomas University.

St. Thomas University is an important educational institute that can offer various career chances that can improve the skills of its students. Attending St. Thomas University will help me to be successful in their Psychology Program and in my future. I will be so privileged to take part in all the great classes that will be provided in this school.

I choose St. Thomas University for the following reasons: I wanted a place where teachers/staff acknowledged that students with disabilities need certain accommodations throughout their classes. I wanted a place close to home with the area of study that I was interested in. I wanted a small student body instead of a large one.

My first reason in choosing St. Thomas is that as a person with a disability, I see that the teachers/staff will help me in my necessities of certain adjustments throughout my classes, something many other universities don’t have.

Being able to attend a university close to home is my second reason for choosing St. Thomas University. I am currently living with my parent’s and being that I have a disability I do not want to worry them as I would have if going to another university father from home, also St. Thomas University has the area of study I am interested in learning more about.

My final reason in choosing St. Thomas is the small amount of students present. I have studied in places with both large and small student bodies. And I noticed that with a huge student population there is little to no attention from the students because they’re not all are willing to learn; and sometimes those that are not enthusiastic to succeed disturb those students who do, or there is not that many assistance given by the teacher to the individual. In schools with a smaller student body, it is easier for the teachers to give and students to obtain the help necessary. St. Thomas has that individual consideration to the student.

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