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Biomedical science personal statement

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  • Published: 13th September 2019
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As cliched as it may sound when I was 7 years old a teacher asked me what would you like to be when you grow up to which I replied; a scientist. Having listened to other children state how they wanted to be prime ministers, footballers, police officers, firemen and some change the world. I thought to myself isn’t that what science does?

Through innovation it has changed the world as those before us knew it. What we stated that day went into an end of year book and was taken home my parents were a bit taken aback and thought I was going through a phase and my cousins thought I was hilarious. The way I see it is, we each live inside a body that has countless systems and mechanisms, which work in sync in order to maintain our existence of which some know minimal about. My fondness for biology has derived from sheer curiosity about human anatomy and biochemical processes.

This led me to choosing biology and chemistry at a level, both of which have opened my mind to a broad spectrum of knowledge.

Yet A-levels only touch upon on a small proportion of such processes, leaving me highly Intrigued by the life sciences. I am eager to unpick the intricate workings of the mind, body and cells; thus the choice to study a biological and medical related degree only seemed the correct path to follow.

I chose Liverpool John Moores because I wished to remain in Liverpool as I grew up here and I love the city but also to save some money. Additionally a relative of mine recently completed the Biomedical science degree and highly recommended I apply to the course. Previously I was set on Undergaduate medicine, however I wish to move to the USA on completion of my degree and after research discovered that it would be in my best interest to do a Bioscience related subject before jumping right into medicine. My desire to live in the USA comes from my love of travel and my experience of the past two summers.; I had the privilege of acquiring a weeks experience shadowing a senior nurse at a local doctor’s office in New Jersey which Specialises in gastroenterology.

Here I observed blood and urine samples being obtained and got to partake in analysis of the results. This offered me an international outlook on medicine and its practice. Working towards a degree which entails lifelong learning is something which is genuinely rewarding and satisfying to me. Though it’s quite a while away Upon graduating from LJMU I wish to either apply to graduate medicine or gain a MSc or PHD from a North American University and carry out medical research.

The one thing I fear the most is allowing myself to become overwhelmed by the maths and statistical elements of the course as I know this may hinder my grade, I have learnt from previous experience in studying chemistry and psychology that this is a weakness of mine and could potentially let me down. Nevertheless I am aware that thankfully ljmu runs classes to assist with this problem of which I will take full advantage of. The future is not set in stone and I believe that if something is meant to be it will be I just have to accept the things I cannot change; have the courage to change the things I can; and have the wisdom to know the difference.


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