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Social sciences personal statement example

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  • Published: 28th June 2019
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Growing up, I’ve always been close to my family — my aunts, uncles, and cousins. They are the first people I consult about my problems, and they’re always ready to help me when I need them, as I am whenever they need me.

One day, I discovered my uncle was an alcoholic. I denied this was true until I spoke to my cousin. She admitted that it was, and told me everything she’d been experiencing —sleepless nights, her parents fighting, and comforting her crying younger sister. This resulted in the involvement of the Children’s Aid Society. At first, I was unaware of the impact that social workers make until they helped my cousin. They opened the cage her family was trapped in. From this experience, I was inspired to open the cage for families like social workers did for mine.

I want to eradicate and help with hardships that families encounter. My cousin is not the only person to experience something so alarming. I began my research on social workers; their roles, their duties, and the challenges they faced. As I learned about the roles of a social worker, I became more determined in becoming one. It is important for social workers to contribute to the betterment of society by supporting individuals in need, resulting in a positive change.

Through research, I understood that I must obtain a Bachelor of Social Work to start my career. I consider myself an ideal student for your program as I am able to surpass your academic requirements. Furthermore, I have experience working as a part-time sales associate at Rockport. As a sales associate, I’ve developed effective communication skills by interacting with customers. I’ve accumulated organizational, listening, and critical thinking skills. For example, I had a conflict with a customer who demanded a return because they were displeased with their purchase. Our policy states that returns are permitted within 60 days of purchase, and it had been more than 60 days. To resolve this issue, I gave the customer a coupon to compensate and ensure their return to our store. I used my thinking skills to stop this issue from escalating. It is imperative for a social worker to use critical thinking skills to determine the most effective solution when dealing with problems.

In addition to my involvement in my community, I have also been involved in school. I’ve been a part of the Girls Rugby team, and a co-manager for the Ultimate Frisbee team. Being on the rugby team has given me the opportunity to enhance my cooperation and teamwork skills. My involvement as a manager taught me to be punctual and on top of things. One of my roles as a manager was to ensure the players were present and ready to play. I can easily transfer these skills into social work as you work alongside many individuals and groups such as police officers and support groups. Due to hard work and dedication, I was able to balance my extracurriculars with my school work. As a result, I received the honour roll, in grade 11 for achieving an overall average of 83%, which reflected my hard work.

This year, I have taken many social science courses to further my knowledge in the field of social work. Criminology teaches me useful theories and research methods that would help me identify issues I may encounter in social work. For example, the social strain theory believes that the lower class set middle-class goals, but don’t have means to achieve them, which results in the frustration and deviant acts. As a social worker, I would provide individuals with opportunities to help achieve their goals. In result, this will help them feel accomplished and improve their lifestyle.

Social workers strive to continuously expand their knowledge. They are able to effectively apply their new-found knowledge, as well as previous experiences to real-life conflicts that people undergo. I believe my passion towards this career will push me on the road to success and allow me to excel at Ryerson’s program immensely.

As said by Steve Jobs:

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

This is a quote that I cherish, as it represents the way I want to live my life; with ambition.

13th November 2017

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