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Biomed personal statement

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  • Published: 28th June 2019
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I have forever been captivated by the function of human body and how it interacts with its outside world. After deep thoughts, it leaves me in awe and amazed how such an incredible complex build up operate together with an utmost diverse system to create a super-intelligent organism, human being. This is why I have always been fascinated by science.

In my two years at high-school, I enjoyed studying a wide range of subjects. My GCSE grades reflect me and my dedication, as they were achieved under difficult conditions. Moving to a different country and adapting to a different system of education in addition of learning a new language was hard and challenging. However through my two years science never failed to amaze me. It left me intrigued and marvelling to the world and its order. To the order of its ecosystem: from sun as the source to plants, the producers, and the consumers and us human; the only organisms with conscious mind at the top of this world order.

My curiosity of science led me in to choosing to study biology, chemistry and maths at advanced level. At college, while I enjoyed studying all three of my subjects, in particular as I was interested, I enjoyed studying genetics & genome projects/technologies topics more. These topics were compelling and mesmerised me that how far we have come with science.

I am keen to study biomedical science, due to my subject of interest, after finishing my A-level studies. Genetic disorder is one of today’s major health concerns in new born babies and also among the adults in form of gene mutation. Approximately, 1 in 500 to 1 in 300 babies are affected by some type of genome disorder and abnormalities. A close relative of mine has also been diagnosed with Tay-Sachs. A type of autosomal recessive disorder which causes early childhood death, dementia and whole body paralysis. This changed her family’s joy and happiness to pain and suffering. As a parent, no pain is comparable to watching your child suffering from an illness with no current diagnosis. But with the advancement of science and technologies we are now able to genomes and even edit genes successfully. Studying biomedical science will allow me to gain knowledge and understand the science behind genetic disorders and by carrying out practical assessments to see how they cause defect in human body development can enable introducing counteract methods.

I am eager to read science journals and articles. This helps me to broaden my knowledge and keep up to date with science. My recent read include “gene editing technique could transform the future” by Fergus Walsh. The article was very informative on how “CRISPR,” a technique of editing genes, can be used to “cure blindness” and even possibly “cancer” in the near future.

Alongside my A-level studies I take pleasure participating in variety of activities such as football, tennis, badminton and swimming to keep myself healthy and motivated. At college I was an active member of the student board, and was elected as the Learner Voice representative of my A-level group. This granted me the privilege to attend meetings and raise issues that people were facing around the campus. This was a tremendous responsibility requiring leadership skills and tested my reliability and communication skills.

Following my close-up experience from university open-days I am certain this is the right course for me. I would be exhilarated if given the opportunity to practice biomedical science.

26th October 2016

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