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Biomedical engineering program personal statement example

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  • Published: 21st February 2022
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I used to imagine my future as a researcher and experimenter in a laboratory equipped with big lasers and hi-tech equipment, performing experiments for the benefit of others. The excitement I felt about that vision remains, but lately, I find myself expanding my aspirations to include research in the field of biomedical engineering. I envision working on groundbreaking projects such as the development of bioartificial organs using stem cells, finding innovative ways to cure diseases like cancer, and utilizing cutting-edge technologies like CRISPR and nanotech. At Rochester, I see an opportunity to hone my “ability to do” and contribute to solving the ever-growing list of challenges in my field.

One of the aspects I am particularly enthusiastic about is the prospect of taking courses such as “Biosystems & Circuits” and “Biomed Signals, Systems & Imaging.” These classes will provide me with a strong foundation in understanding the intricate mechanisms of biological systems and the utilization of advanced imaging techniques. Additionally, I am eagerly anticipating the course “Biomed Computation & Statistics,” as it will enable me to apply the principles of statistics and computation to scientific research, enhancing my analytical and problem-solving skills.

When considering the research opportunities at Rochester, I am drawn to specific areas of interest. The project “Developing Targeted Drug Delivery Systems to Treat Leukemia” from the Benoit Lab aligns perfectly with my passion for finding innovative solutions to combat diseases. Additionally, the research conducted in the Dean Lab on “In Vivo Gene Delivery” captures my imagination as a potential avenue for revolutionary advancements in gene therapy. Furthermore, the work being done in the DeLouise Lab on Bio Nanomaterials serves as a true inspiration, showcasing the transformative potential of nanotechnology in the biomedical field.

To complement my academic pursuits, I am keen to participate in the Industry Practicum Co-op Program. This program will provide me with the invaluable opportunity to apply the knowledge I acquire in the classroom to real-life problems, allowing me to gain practical experience and make meaningful contributions to the field of biomedical engineering. The chance to work alongside professionals and experts in the industry will undoubtedly enhance my understanding and perspective of the challenges faced in the real world.

Beyond my academic and research endeavors, I am dedicated to environmental sustainability. The Sustainability Community-Engaged Summer Fellows program at Rochester presents an ideal opportunity for me to combine my commitment to sustainability with my passion for science. Through this program, I intend to contribute by developing and installing several signposts that emphasize sustainability, raising awareness and encouraging environmentally conscious practices within the community. This aligns with my belief that science and engineering have a crucial role to play in fostering a sustainable future.

With its array of insightful classes in the biomedical engineering program and diverse research opportunities, the University of Rochester is the perfect platform to provide me with the exposure I need to shape a better world for future generations. By immersing myself in this stimulating environment, I am confident that I will develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and connections to make a meaningful impact in the field of biomedical engineering and contribute to the advancement of healthcare technologies.


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