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Sustainable development course personal statement example

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  • Published: 22nd February 2022
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  • Sustainable development course personal statement example
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Life has been a struggle at times. However, my motivation, determination and passion for education and my community’s development have remained an uncompromised factor pushing me to go beyond my limit where I can pursue and achieve my dream. Along the way, I have exercised emotional intelligence to persevere and ensure that I pursue my career path.

I have routinely felt passionate about volunteerism, community service, and contributing back to society in a sustainable way. With this zest, I have always tried my best to volunteer my services in finding solutions to problems existing in my society. Every time problems are identified in my community, I collaborate with local leaders and nonprofit organizations to carry out intervention that will relief community dwellers from destitution. This has increased my interest for development sector. I have spent over 3 years providing voluntary services to communities in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas. My decision to pursue sustainable development is based on the assessment of my career.

Being a communication graduate, I started my career in Journalism, writing articles and pieces for print and broadcast media but the passion to lead change in my society, and a desire to work to make life better for everyone have drove me to humanitarian and non-profit activities all of the time.

My plan is to contribute to transforming my society through sustainable intervention that will facilitate change in the lives of vulnerable population and achieve the sustainable development goals as set for 2030. In my community, there are lots of problems, but few individuals with the skillset to critically think and device solution to address the situation in a sustainable manner. Communities’ interventions are barely sustainable, wrongly targeted and soon abandoned by beneficiaries.

Accepting me to participate in this course will help to build my capacity as a sustainable development specialist to bring change in my society. This will also capacitate and allow me to promote the achievement of sustainable development goals in Liberia through educating nonprofit organizations, citizens and other key stakeholders on their roles in implementing the strategic global development agenda in Liberia.


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