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Sustainable development course personal statement example

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  • Published: 22nd February 2022
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Life has been a struggle at times. However, my motivation, determination, and passion for education and my community’s development have remained uncompromised factors that push me to go beyond my limits, enabling me to pursue and achieve my dreams. Along this challenging journey, I have exercised emotional intelligence, allowing me to persevere and ensure that I stay on the path towards my desired career in sustainable development.

From a young age, I have felt an unwavering passion for volunteerism, community service, and contributing back to society in a sustainable way. This zeal has always propelled me to offer my services in finding practical solutions to the problems that exist within my community. Each time issues are identified, whether in urban, peri-urban, or rural areas, I actively collaborate with local leaders and nonprofit organizations to carry out interventions that relieve community dwellers from destitution and create lasting change. Through my extensive experience of over three years, providing voluntary services to diverse communities, my interest in the development sector has grown exponentially, motivating me to pursue sustainable development as my career path.

As a communication graduate, I initially embarked on a career in journalism, writing articles and pieces for various print and broadcast media outlets. However, my unwavering passion to lead change in my society and a deep desire to work towards making life better for everyone have driven me towards humanitarian and non-profit activities. The realization that my skills could be better utilized in creating sustainable interventions to address societal challenges has led me to seek opportunities in the field of sustainable development.

My vision is to contribute to the transformation of my society through sustainable interventions that facilitate positive change in the lives of vulnerable populations and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set for 2030. In my community, numerous challenges persist, but there is a lack of individuals equipped with the necessary skill sets to critically analyze and devise sustainable solutions. Frequently, community interventions lack longevity, are misdirected, and eventually abandoned by beneficiaries due to their unsustainability.

By accepting my application to participate in this course, you would provide me with the opportunity to build my capacity as a sustainable development specialist, enabling me to bring about transformative change in my society. Furthermore, this opportunity would empower me to promote the achievement of the SDGs in Liberia by educating nonprofit organizations, citizens, and other key stakeholders on their roles in implementing the strategic global development agenda within the country. With the knowledge and skills gained from this course, I will be better equipped to support the creation of sustainable solutions and empower local communities to drive their own development.

In conclusion, my personal journey has been shaped by a deep-rooted passion for education, community development, and sustainable change. Through my commitment to volunteerism, collaboration with local leaders and nonprofit organizations, and my pursuit of a career in sustainable development, I aim to contribute to the alleviation of societal challenges in my community and the achievement of the SDGs. I am excited about the prospect of participating in this course, as it will not only enhance my understanding and competence in sustainable development but also enable me to serve as an advocate, educator, and change agent in promoting sustainable practices and initiatives within my country.


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