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Biochemistry personal statement example

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  • Published: 8th July 2022
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All we need to do is look around the world we live in to see how vital biochemistry is to living organisms – it can be applied to a variety of subjects ranging from genes and cells to medicines and enzymology. A spark of intrigue surrounding molecules eventually developed into a driving desire to find out how we as humans work- this then evolved into the admiration of biological processes. As a child, I was diagnosed with a genetic condition (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) which has enabled me to look further into the comprehensions of genetic mutations and, therefore, ignited an eagerness to research the fundamentals of both biology and chemistry as a career. After subscribing to the biochemical society bi-monthly magazine ‘The Biochemist’, I was amazed at how relevant the controversies and understandings of biochemistry are to modern society- for instance, how Artificial Intelligence can affect biologists; even new research into how the future of animal production lies within biochemistry. My enthusiasm continued to grow for the subject after attending ‘A Pint of Science’ talks. Transcription of DNA and the uses of stem cells were the main topics of the event which inspired me to take biology and chemistry as A-level subjects, with the hopes of pursuing a career within the field of chemistry.

My subject choices at A-level have given me the opportunity to explore laboratory work, an area in which I am excited to explore further at university. Examples of laboratory work I have thoroughly enjoyed include looking at cells under compound light microscopes, particularly the viewing of the Islets of Langerhans, as well as erythrocytes under a high magnification. One of the topics which appealed to me the most throughout my time spent studying A-level Biology is Biological Molecules. It fascinates me how tiny cells are so powerful they can determine the function and characteristics of an organism, no matter the size or complexity of its daily processes. In addition to studying both biology and chemistry, studying history has taught me to think creatively, to question ideas and to be analytical, whilst also improving my research skills- this will be highly beneficial when studying biochemistry.

My work placement at Colchester General Hospital was also beneficial, as it widened my knowledge on the human body and how it functions. Every day was different: some days I would be given the task of looking after patients in the recovery room after having a surgical operation, which improved my patience and communication skills, other days I received the opportunity to watch a surgical procedure myself. One of the surgical procedures I observed was the removal of cancer from breast tissue, which gave me a clearer understanding of the effects of mutations and a motivation to contribute to a positive change in the world through the research of cells and molecules. Throughout the course of Year 12, I began to mentor GCSE biology students who needed help in achieving their desired grade in their exams. Not only did this benefit them, but it also gave me the confidence to be able to recite information to students who required it, thus improving my communication skills further. In addition, I participated in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and the Essex University Maths Challenge which strengthened my ability to apply information to different scenarios and furthermore develop a more strategic way of thinking.

Aside from Biochemistry, I have a strong interest in fine art and illustration. I have used this passion to win a competition hosted by Disney, in which my art was posted in one of their magazines. Art has helped me to improve my application of organisational capabilities including the advancement of my critical thinking, which can be heavily applied to biochemistry.

I look forward to facing new challenges while at university while building my knowledge on biochemistry and exploring new possibilities- I hope my enthusiasm and dedication to the subject will allow me to make a positive impact on the world in the future.


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6th July 2023

There are a few on this topic on this website but I liked this one the best. It would be very helpful if we could see some feedback from some relevant person, such as someone who reviews applications, to know if this is a good statement or not.


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