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Bioengineering Personal Statement Example

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  • Published: 21st February 2022
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Around age six, I developed a knack for figuring out how to take things apart like pulling wires and coils out of an old radio set in an attempt to determine the source of the ruckus and poking my finger into a socket wondering if I would light up like a bulb. Every time I did such a thing my father would drown me in high-sounding words like resistance, capacitor, and fuse, leaving me feeling like a part of some fantasy world with wriggling wires and sound-producing metal boxes. This childhood fantasy still exists and explains my urge to open up electronic goods in my house. I love engineering.

But there is a slight problem here. I love biology too! Humans can build skyscrapers, machines, and androids but cannot design a living, breathing, and thinking organism like themselves. The mysteries and functioning of the human body have always intrigued me. It is mind-boggling how the heart pumps continuously for 60-70years without any spare parts, a single nucleotide mutation in the human genome destroys a man’s life, and the great ‘feeling’ love is only a chemical released by the brain!

Hence, after great thought and analysis, I have chosen Biomedical Engineering as my career due to my obsession for engineering and medicine and desire to help mankind, and I believe there could be no better place than Tulane University.

Tulane can put off my quest for knowledge by providing me with an opportunity to work with both the human body and machines. Courses like BMEN-3400 Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering and BMEN-3300 Biomechanics would challenge my understanding of the subject and expand my knowledge. Moreover, it would be a privilege to learn from Professor Michael J. Moore, his courses like Neural Microengineering will allow me to learn the techniques used for the control and operation of the nervous system. His research on “Microscale tissue-engineered models: overcoming barriers to adoption for neural regeneration,” is truly inspiring, by applying tissue engineering techniques for the regeneration of neuron parts, like axons, which could be a potential cure for autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Furthermore, I look forward to taking advantage of the high-quality research, through programs offered by faculty labs, like research on “Orthopaedics: Tendon and Ligament Remodeling,” in the Biomechanics of Growth and Remodeling tendons and “Cell-tissue responses to Mechanical Stresses,” from the Biofluid and Biotransport Laboratory, internships and other opportunities to gain hands-on experience like Team Design Projects and Grand Challenges.

Beyond Academics, Tulane’s commitment to embracing diversity is a significant value that inspires me and assures me that not only will I not be judged for my background, but that I will get to meet students of different ethnicities and cultures.

When I am not busy in any research program or studying at the library, I would be refining my golf skills at the Audubon Park or examining the lovely paintings and sculptures in the New Orleans Museum of Art.

I know, and I am confident that I want to do bioengineering from Tulane not only because it has outstanding research facilities, a brilliant campus that I’d love to stay on, and one of the best Biomedical Engineering program, but also because it would allow me to explore and develop my interests and to participate in independent studies and research. I see Tulane as a hope for my intellectual curiosity, a place that thrives in diversity and acceptance, a city that can compete with my ambitions, the swiftness of my thoughts and the speed of my footsteps, a university that will challenge me to lead, to serve, but most of all to consistently learn. I am sure that Tulane will provide me with an opportunity to develop not only as an engineer but also as a human being.


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