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Biomedical sciences personal statement (3)

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My love for biology and curiosity of the human anatomy are just two of the reasons for choosing to study the human body, in both form and function and how this structure relates to disease. My fascination in science arises from its uncertainty, and the opportunity to study the foundation of life will allow me to enhance my knowledge, understand and answer questions I can’t yet explain about the human body I live in every day

I enjoy challenges, and I am aware of the demands this course entails, however, I am confident in choosing to study biology because major scientific breakthroughs would not be accomplished without the extensive research carried out in this field. In high school, I spent a week shadowing a local GP where I observed doctors working, diagnosing and treating patients with infection and disease, from this work experience I recognised the importance of the research and lab work involved in treating and finding cures to disease. In addition, I have spent a placement week at a primary school where I worked one to one with children to improve literacy and mathematical skills which provided me with valuable insight into different teaching methods and techniques. From these experiences, I developed communication skills, gained the ability to overcome setbacks, work independently as well as gaining experience working within a group of diverse peers which allowed me to improve teamwork, leadership and responsibility skills.

My interest in science can be seen by my A level subjects. Biology has allowed me to gain a brief understanding of the human body from intercellular reactions to complex body systems; I had the opportunity to manage a project while studying ecology which was very interesting as I was able to carry out my research from planning to using statistical tests to analyse my findings. My Chemistry studies have allowed me to gain practical skills such as manipulation of variables, analysis, interpretation of data and teamwork in a laboratory setting, physical chemistry has also allowed me to improve my mathematical skills. Psychology is a subject I have found to be stimulating and has given me a deeper understanding of the human mind and complex mental processes. I also did an EPQ titled ‘To what extent has the use of robotics enhanced the survival rate of medical procedures?’ from which I gained skills in planning, researching, and presenting, this research task has allowed me to improve and develop decision making and critical thinking skills.

During the summer I participated in the National Citizen Service programme which enhanced my communication, interpersonal and team building abilities which are valuable skills to have in both academic and social contexts. I have contributed to my community by volunteering in charity events and taking part in sponsored walks which I enjoy as it allows to have a positive impact on others. During my five years in high school I participated in an Islamic theology course, this required dedication and time management and shows that I can balance extra-curricular activities and my academic studies.

I am motivated to deepen my knowledge of the human body, its anatomy, physiology and genetics. While being aware of the challenges I may face I am enthusiastic to demonstrate competence, drive and commitment whilst studying this continuously evolving topic of biomedical sciences.

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