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Law personal statement (2)

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Law is not only a subject that I intend to study, but instead something which I see just like a center piece of my individuality. For me Law in not simply professional, unlike different subjects, law is applicable to every person in the public around the world, however just a chosen few have a genuine enthusiasm to ponder it inside and out and to construct their future with respect to it. This is the reason as to why I am applying for a law degree.

Currently, studying Level 3 BTEC Business and Law extended diploma has allowed me to not only further my knowledge based around business but also to expand my knowledge of the English legal system, with modules including ‘The English Legal System’ and ‘Employment Law’ I have had the opportunity to build on my confidence and expand on my professional skills. During my first year at college I voluntarily attended lessons and lectures of the Access course to Criminology, this not only allowed me to interact with a variety of people from many different cultures and backgrounds but also interact with much older students, through this course I was able to build my understanding of criminology and the theories behind it.

Progressing onto college before university has allowed my confidence to grow, given me more independence and studying in a more mature environment I feel has been good preparation.

The wide range of applications of law appeals to me on the grounds that not exclusively can my future information encourage others for the most part and be valuable to me, it is a heading towards a future that I would savor, as a law degree opens up a tremendous scope of choices where I would have the capacity to practice into criminal law joined with human rights.

In addition to academic work, I enjoy dancing, I have been training since the age of 2, this has taught me the importance of teamwork and the need for reliability. Having taken part in many different events during the years, including traveling around the world, performing on large stages and working with a vast variety of people, this has allowed me to grow my confidence and be able to undertake different approaches when communicating with people to make both parties feel comfortable. I am also very passionate about charity, due to my passion for dance I was able to organize fundraising shows for charities such as Acorns, This experience has taught me about dedication and focus..

At my secondary school I had the benefit of getting to be Head girl. As a feature of this part I gave numerous discourses to my counterparts from various schools, and also parents and experts. I likewise led the Student Council where I had a functioning contribution to my school’s welfare, designated workloads and took endeavors with instructors speaking to the school as a minister.

I have worked since the age of 16 at the local H&M, starting as an 8-hour sales advisor to progressing into visual management, taking care of a number of domestic duties and dealing with the public. This has increased my confidence and communication skills and has taught me how to work with many different people and stay calm under pressure. Earning my own income has given me some independence which is good preparation for university and life thereafter.

I believe I have the essential skills and the unrelenting motivation to succeed in studying a challenging, yet stimulating law course at university.

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