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Software engineering personal statement

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Over the past few years, I have been highly interested in the area of computing; particularly in Software Engineering and Computer Systems. This interest has stemmed from my previous experiences during my studies in school and college, as I quickly became intrigued by the impact of computing and technology on the modern world.

Studying Computing has expanded my outlook on the impact that Information Technology has on a modern, globalised society; in particular the development of vehicular systems and hospitality, for example life support systems and disease research. I have also become increasingly aware of the ethical issues surrounding the use of IT systems, such as environmental concerns, the impact of social media and security of personal data.

I first became interested in Software Engineering as a child, and remember being fascinated by the technical aspect of IT systems such as games consoles, computers and handheld devices. I became very attentive to the way in which IT systems were set up, and would practice by assisting my family members with any relevant issues.

I have gained significant knowledge through studying Business, as it has provided insight into how a business may make use of computing systems, and how valuable research conducted into software engineering is for the success and profitability of a company. This is strongly linked with business management and operations, which I feel highlights the importance of Software Engineering in the development of a business, and therefore the application of this to real life industries. The course has revolved around creating a marketing campaign, which required me to conduct and analyse a range of research. This ultimately allowed me to identify what makes a successful and profitable marketing campaign, and involved me using a range of statistical and analytical skills, which are transferrable to the systematic aspect of Software Engineering.

Moreover, studying Media Production has allowed me to undertake creative tasks; therefore, developing the knowledge and understanding of different computer systems that are used within Media. This course has been extremely independent, thus teaching me to take full responsibility for my work which is important when preparing to study at university level, as well as considering postgraduate options.

I have had experience in assisting my mother in the day to day running of her small childminding business. I regularly volunteer to assist with setting up databases, which has helped cultivate my skills and knowledge of working in that particular environment. I felt I was very motivated by the position I had, which will help me in my university lifestyle as it involved communication, assessing and resolving situations.

I am currently looking into career paths within the region of IT Engineering/Technician, as I am interested in the processes of coding and designing Information Technology systems.
I have researched the requirements that these job roles specify, and have come across expectations like communicative skills as well as leadership abilities, which I feel will be developed during university. By studying Software Engineering at degree level, I am hoping to better my skills in the areas of Python and SQL, consequently improving my understanding of coding and databases and therefore introducing me to a variety of potential career opportunities.

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