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Politics personal statement example (2)

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  • Published: 27th October 2019
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Politics is integral to the way in which society operates, allowing controlled diversity and conflict of ideas, whilst cultivating a willingness to cooperate and act collectively. The current lack of political participation in modern society intrigues me; therefore, it is my desire to closely examine society and calculate why general political participation by the masses has crumbled; most importantly,who or what the fault lies with.This is one of many reasons why I’d like to pursue a degree in politics. I have my own thoughts and opinions, which I share with my peers through class debates, and ensure my views are able to withstand intellectual rigour, enabling me to challenge the status quo and develop these ideas with the addition of my peers’ opinions. After finishing my Politics degree, I may decide to complete a law conversion course into criminal law, utilising what i have learnt.

My current studies in Politics, History and Psychology were chosen solely with the intent of going on to study Politics at degree level. Psychology has helped me think outside the box in the study of human behaviour. I like researching the topics we are studying, synthesizing and interpreting information, designing and conducting new research and data analysis, all of which, I believe will help within my Politics degree.My History A Level, encompassing the Making of Modern Britain and Tsarist Russia, is also very political, which was one of the main reasons I decided to study this subject. My Politics A Level has driven my eagerness to study Politics at degree level and I’d like to study in more detail human rights in context and the limits and tensions within modern society.

I gained a work placement at a law firm, shadowing a solicitor in both the magistrate and crown courts. I followed debates and negotiations at a professional level and I had to show analytical and evaluative skills when presented with information; I also had to deconstruct and explore different legal solutions available for real life cases. Working in a professional environment and being able to show my capabilities boosted my confidence. Not only was my oral communication improved, but also my written interactions, as i had to be able to concisely and clearly explain a complex legal issue in a formal structured manner. I believe these skills are vital for the Politics degree. I am currently planning my gap year in 2019 and intend on gaining experience within the public sector to aid me with my understanding in my degree studies.

Being employed from the age of 15 and staying within the same job, has not only given me a strong work ethic, but the ability to organise myself according to different tasks which the job entails, from managing a cafe and training up new staff members, to assisting in the shop office organising the retail. This also shows my commitment, which is vital in a professional career. Working in a cafe with different aspects such as the shop and garden centre has had a positive impact on my communication skills, ensuring everything works consistently competently. Also, working with customers, especially tricky customers, it is important to be able to adapt these skills.

During October, 2017, I took part in the National Citizen Service (NCS). This experience consisted of three phases, including taking part in a series of challenges, developing teamwork skills and meeting new people. We also lived independently, learning essential life skills from local business leaders and charities, gaining confidence in public speaking and communication skills. We also had to devise a social project based on an issue our team felt passionately about and socialise with the public on it. My involvement in NCS has helped me to further increase my confidence, being thrown into the deep end and having to find my own feet in a new environment. I am looking forward to utilising these skills in adjusting to university life.

13th February 2019

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