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Law personal statement (8)

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Final personal statement

5th October 2020

Human beings have great potential, but they lack knowledge of the same. One might be an expert in a specific field, but still, be unaware of the fact that growth is limitless. The cause of this is unawareness. People are aware of the existence of their fundamental rights but ironically oblivious when their rights get trampled by superior forces. My endeavour in this regard is to equip myself with the sound knowledge of legal jurisprudence in order to approach wrongs with the law as my weapon. I am xxxxxxx, an ambitious aspirant in the field of law. I desire to uplift society by simplifying the understanding of basic rights and its proper utilization and for all and sundry. In order to achieve my dream, I desire to pursue the course of Law from an esteemed university. My father is an honoured lawyer, and so are my uncles. In fact, I come from a family of seasoned professionals, whose legal contribution to society is exemplary. Though I have always been fascinated with my father’s profession, I was yet unsure of my future aspirations. One day, I picked up a book i.e. ‘Landmark Judgements of India,’ from my father’s study and then I knew my calling in life. It was over the pages of this book that my perception of the legal system was transformed. I was so moved that I concluded upon becoming a lawyer.

Through the completion of my intended graduation course at the university, I want to further develop skills like leadership qualities, teamwork, commercial awareness and creative problem-solving. In the process of it, my communication skills will be further honed. I, over the years, have developed the ability of negotiation, persuasion, and debating through my active participation in co-curricular activities in the school. The reason why I have chosen the United Kingdom for my further studies is that it is the birthplace of codified jurisprudence and political constitution that set the tone for modern democracies to emulate. Also, the innovative manner of teaching is English universities is something that I am fascinated with. Additionally, the pattern of working followed by my current school has been inspired by the study culture of the UK, which I highly appreciate.

At present, I am a student of Grade XII of the oldest boys boarding school of Asia i.e. Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. I have Economics, Political Science, History, and Environmental Science as my core subjects. These I have chosen keeping in mind the study of law. My sharp memory has been an asset to me and my creative thinking has made me a curious individual, who doesn’t settle easily. Beside my academics, I have been active in various extracurricular and co-curricular activities. I have represented my school in a state-level shooting competition and have been a winner at a zonal level table tennis competition. Apart from this, I have been an avid debater, regularly taking part in English elocution, quizzes and dramas; these embedded me with the basic discipline and teamwork, and social skills. I am an empathetic person and I am involved in various social services like teaching underprivileged children in an NGO (Manavta Foundation). I additionally availed the parents who came for adoption with their licit work, other than that I have even worked for Muktisar Welfare Club to provide ration supplies to people amidst this COVID pandemic phase, being brought up in a typical Indian family we are always edified to be a giver and to keep aside our selfish deportment. As an ethical and hardworking student, and I strive to make the best personal and professional version of me shine. For the pursuit of my happiness in conjunction with doing good for society, I want to seek admission to your prestigious university. I aspire to strengthen my knowledge about law well enough to provide free legal services to people who can’t afford it.

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