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Biology personal statement

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  • Published: 21st August 2019
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My aim is to make a contribution to the scientific community. I want to make a difference to peoples lives. I’ve come to realise from independent study the vast spectrum that Biology encompasses and how ground-breaking research can really make a difference.

My childhood fascination with Biology grew as I began to study the subject in more depth at A-level. A level Biology acted as a springboard for my further independent reading as the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn, in order to expand my knowledge and understanding of key Biological principles. Further reading has in particular reinforced my interest in cellular Biology. It thoroughly fascinates me to think how organelles function as a perfect system and the elaborate way in which cells interact with each other. This aspect of Biology intrigues me with its complexity.

During A-level biology, I have been in my element while carrying out more advanced experiments and learning techniques that will aid me in laboratory work in the future, such as the importance of the aseptic technique and sterilisation. On reflection, by carrying out these experiments, I have especially learned how important attention to detail is in order to prevent inaccuracies in my results and come to a clear conclusion.

Recently I have been engrossed in the book ‘How we live and why we die’ by Lewis Wolpert, due to the fact that it encompasses my interest in Cellular Biology, as well as evolutionary aspects such as the endosymbiosis theory. The book captures my imagination by discussing how cells truly are the building blocks of life, after all, we all formed from just one cell. Having previously read an article on the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which captivated me as it discussed how agricultural use of antibiotics is linked to the evolutionary transfer of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, my interest in this area has developed further.

In 2017, I undertook work experience at my local veterinary surgery which allowed me to experience the medical side of Biology and its application in real life situations. This experience especially expanded my knowledge of anatomy as I had the privilege of observing numerous x-rays, operations as well as dissection. These invaluable experiences have taught me a wide range of skills, such as sterilising equipment in an autoclave, that will prove beneficial to me in a future Biological career.

Work experience reinforced my aspiration for a career in Biology. As a result of this, I began a job at my local café to save money for a volunteer trip to Sri Lanka earlier this year. This experience taught me the importance of hard work and independence, qualities that will prove valuable to me in university. This once-in-a-lifetime trip encompassed turtle conservation, which expanded my knowledge of plastics in the ocean and ocean acidification, issues that have recently come to light within the scientific community. The second part of my trip consisted of teaching biology to students at the local tsunami school, which proved to be incredibly rewarding as I got the opportunity to pass on my passion and knowledge of key Biological concepts.

Making a difference is at the forefront of my aims for the future, and I want to inspire others with my passion for Biology, through teaching or research. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching experience in Sri Lanka, seeing student’s enthusiasm for the subject was a particular highlight of my experience. The idea of conducting research in the field of oncology and Cell Biology and bringing my aims to fruition is exciting, as I yearn to learn more about the complexity of our ever-changing world.

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