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My biology course in medical school turned out to be my defining professional moment. I discovered my passion in biomedical researches and decided to pursue a future career in biology ever since. My love of genetics and passion for medicine made me appreciate how biology is an artistic and basic part of medicine. My goal is to pursue a master’s degree in medical research focusing on cell and tumor biology.

Going to medical school and spending 6 years—away from the family—was a very challenging experience that required a lot of sacrifice. While studying medicine, I embraced the biology course as I found it a diverse specialty. My enjoyment of statistics and passion for research inspired me to pursue a career in biology. Doing lab rotation was very fruitful experience, I discovered the magic part of biomedical specialties. Examining the microbiological specimen gave me an insight about the hidden part of this world, and at the same time made passionate for career in biology.

My internship at the hospital wards gave further knowledge about the pivotal role that biologist plays in the health care setting. The one month lab rotation allowed me to experience the compassionate aspect of the biology work. Drawing a blood sample with a smile on patient’s face was rewarding experience that reflects warm patient’s interaction. The 2 months internship at Basra specialized hospital of pediatric oncology gave me deep knowledge about the tumors that affects human body. This experience sparked me to look for way to help pediatric patients that suffered from tumors.

My desire to be a researcher in the field of biomedical research has led me to embark on the journey of finding future medical training abroad. Unfortunately, an MSc in biomedical research is not offered in the Iraqi educational system. This has stimulated me to study abroad. Biology is my specialty of choice; the evolving and the diverse nature of biology makes it an open horizon for both practice and research. The interdisciplinary curriculum at Uppsala University will give me a holistic understanding of biomedical research, especially tumor biology. The 4 month project would allow me to work closely with high caliber biologist. I envision sub-specializing in the field of hematological malignancies as it represents a challenging area. I have a life interest in research that will enable me to thrive in your program; I look forward to positively changing patient’s lives through contributing to the research community at large.

I believe it is the duty of every physician to not only practice the art of healing, but also, to actively contribute to continuous research and discussions crucial to the advancement of medical science. Upon obtaining the master’s degree, I intend to assign as a biomedical researcher at the Basra Medical College. My future goal is conducting a comprehensive study analyzing the genetic basis for hematological malignancies in Basra city. As a future lecturer, I intend to prepare students and junior doctors to better understand the concept of research and publication. I am very receptive to challenges that come with the program and I believe it will serve as a learning tool for my future as a researcher. I look forward to combining my past clinical, cultural, and leadership experience with cutting-edge training and research in a Swedish university setting.

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