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Accounting and Financial Management for Managers Personal Statement Example

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  • Published: 21st February 2022
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  • Accounting and Financial Management for Managers Personal Statement Example
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Personal Background

I have been people’s person my whole life. I am an organiser and I like to be of help to others and that is one of the reasons why I chose Human Resources Management Program. My hometown is Ludhiana city in the state of Punjab in India where I was born and brought up. I did high school while staying there and later graduated from University of Delhi with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Apart from academics I took part in a volunteering project during my college under which I had the opportunity to teach less fortunate children of slums. This experience made me thoughtful, considerate, and more empathetic. I was also a part of organising teams of two college societies and helped coordinate fests and events which made me a better teamwork.

Career Aspirations

I want to build a career as an HR professional in Canada and after completing this Diploma I would look for an entry level job position so that I can gain work experience and understand how to practically use the skills and HR strategies in a business. After gaining some work experience, I wish to attain CPHR designation which will further help me achieve my long-term goal to take up a higher position. I see myself as a HR Coordinator of a corporation in the next 7 years.

Current Situation with work and University

Due to ongoing pandemic, I am not able to travel to Canada. So, I will be taking online classes from my home country. I am a full-time student at KPU, and this is my first semester. I am not working at present as I want to focus on my studies but once I come to Canada, I will work part time to financially support myself and to gain work experience. I would also love to do internships as it is a great way to attain hands on practical knowledge.

Understanding of plagiarism, Citing in APA Format and The Consequences of Plagiarism

After researching I understood that plagiarism is the act of presenting someone else’s ideas and thoughts as your own (Cambridge dictionary, n.d.) . There are 3 forms of plagiarism. Copying someone else’s work, a blend of your own ideas and a large share of copied words without acknowledging the original author or source and paraphrasing without acknowledging the actual source of information (Neville, 2010). That is why we require citations.

Citation is providing a reference about the source where you got the information from. American Psychological Association (APA) has set guidelines and rules which need to be followed while citing (Kestler, APA Style Citations). I learnt about citation and referencing through YouTube tutorials provided on erinwrightwriting.com (Wright, 2020). I understand plagiarism is considered as Integrity violation and has serious consequences like grade penalties, academic penalties and in worst cases it may even lead to suspension (Kestler, Academic Integrity).

May 17, 2021


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