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Statistics personal statement example

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A recently graduated student conducted a survey UCAS applicants and found that, on average it took a prospective student over 5 hours to write the first draft of their personal statement. A student’s personal statement has on average 850 words, 1 word every 21 seconds.

This link between statistics, humans and language is something that inspires me, I want to be 1 second faster on each word, to be only 4 hours for my draft, to be the best. 28 minutes 12 seconds.

In short I love structure and analysis. I appreciate working through problems and relating them to circumstances and situations in my life. This has encouraged many to suggest a career in law, where my strengths in debating and communication would allow me to fight with words. However this failed to acknowledge that law is the production of arguments relating to substantial evidence and precision.

Whereas I revel in the element of unpredictability of humans, with one student taking 12 hours staring blankly at their screen to complete their first draft whilst another finishes it in one sitting.

1 hour 3 minutes 19 seconds

These separate entities spiralling into confusion coexist in a fashion of uncertainty where the complexity of the human mind and the fabric of life create a puzzle of exactness. Each piece fitting together to create a picture of beauty and structure. This has driven me away from scientific principles and formulaic answers towards trying to understand society from a different perspective. I appreciate Sociology is not an exact science but the concepts are can still structured, analysed and argued in a formal manner.

Although my list of hobbies has become more focused with age their demands on my time has only grown. Despite my short stature rugby now dominants my free time with hours spent on the pitch and in the gym. Time management and organisation skills have become steadfast characteristics of my personality. Rugby has driven me to become a more determined, resilient and powerful person with the constant struggles of being the smallest only pushing me further.

2 hours 1 minute 4 seconds

The matter of build is not only a genetic one for me, my age is also an issue. I was born in Belgium and migrated to the Highlands, creating complications because of variances in the education system. I was thrown into primary education at the tender age of 4 and this small decision has completely altered me as a person. I started off on the back foot and I have grown up constantly tackling the adversity. It has made me become an independent and mature individual and motivate me to prove myself beyond my years.

My age however is a factor of life I cannot change. Although at a suitable educational standard for university I am very young compared to many of my peers and would like to begin my university life on an even par. Hence the reason for the deferred entry request.

Yet this time spent away from formal education will not be ill spent. I have the opportunity to join the Rugby coaching team and have the chance to participate in a course based around rugby at the University of the Highlands and Islands which will give me an insight into university life and keep my body and mind active.

3 hours 2 minutes 55 seconds

I consider myself to be an advanced communicator. Debating and Head Boy duties offered me many opportunities to speak throughout Scotland, even in Holyrood itself. I appreciate the importance of language and thought, understanding that used correctly language can persuade, anger a reader and illustrate many problems in our society.

3 hours 45 minutes 33 seconds

My analytical ability combined with strong language skills has assisted with the development of my mathematical prowess and stimulated my intellectual curiosity. I am proud of who I am as a person and how I conduct myself throughout life, I hold myself to high standards and strive to work to the best of my ability.

Thus 4 hours 18 minutes, 1 word every 18 seconds.

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