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Accounting and economics degree personal statement example

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  • Published: 21st October 2021
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I want to pursue a career in accounting and economics, because the economy is always changing which means solutions to new problems are always needed so a sense of adaptation is essential and I believe I have these qualities. In addition, I know that Mathematics, Economics and accounting all need individuals who have a thorough the mind set of practicality and logic.

Books, such as ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and ’23 things you should know about capitalism’, are great since they are able to give insights into economic principles, personal finance, and financial independence. These books are great for simplifying complicated economic principles whilst applying them to real life, this is beneficial since I want to produce solutions for economics issues myself. Books such as ’23 things you should know about capitalism’ are especially fascinating since it’s able to defeat some common misconceptions such as people in poor countries are actually more entrepreneurial than richer ones, When I learn interesting things such as these it pretty much ensures me that this is a career that I’m interested in.

My A-Level subjects will be useful to me in many aspects of Finance and Economics. Psychology was very helpful in terms of getting a taste of business economics, where we are able to think about the behaviour of individuals and why they do so and this is used to implement products. Mathematics has further engaged my passion towards problem-solving and improved my skills relating to arithmetical variables, which will improve my analytical ability which is essential for the field of accounting and economics.

Considering Economics at A-Level has allowed me to understand how economies function and has additionally empowered me to produce personal opinions on political issues going on now, for example, immigration is taught in the subject to be a great thing for a growing economy since it reduces the cost of production (for firms) due to an increasing labour force and larger consumption (aggregate demand will be increasing showing growth). However, there’s a political side where this will also decrease real wages (affecting the working class the most, which are also the most influential voters). Through my short time of learning economics, I learnt that it’s about change and adaptation, where a true economist will try to adapt to their client’s interest and since China is the fastest growing economy, it will be a great gesture if you can speak their language or understand their culture, this is why I sometimes go over the language in my spare time.

Outside academic life, I have expressed my interest in economics and accounting by participating in challenges. Recently, I participated in a competition (ran by the economics department) where I was expected to raise money for charity starting with one pound, this tested my leadership and team skills where I needed to help the group make decisions which would be most profitable, it is also improving my ability to make decisions, as all decisions have to be approved by me as I also must calculate the financial costs, benefits and other opportunity costs of other decisions made by our team. Accounting also requires a lot of communication skills, which I have also been able to develop through the project in total as a team we made £100.

Due to a degree of success at the challenge I had the opportunity to work at Deloitte as work experience, I was introduced to many aspects of accountancy from tax advisory to audit. We were able to have a chance to do a little bit of their work and present what we learnt from each sector of accounting. This opportunity was amazing since gave me a greater understanding of the career I want to pursue at a later date, and it strengthens my hunger to chase it. It taught me that accounting is primarily based on team work but also the ability to lead certain task with your strength is what usually got the tasks done efficiently, I learnt a lot from this work experience from improving my presentation skills to summarising a case quickly but accurately. These are skills which I believe would be vital in the career of finance and economics.

The reason why I want to study economics at University level is that it will improve my understanding of economic principles and since in today’s world of high levels of instability; economics knowledge is fundamental. I want a working environment where I have to persevere because of the ever changing world of economics also I found economics challenging but also interesting, combined with the world importance of economics I believe it’s a very appealing subject to study.

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