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Computer science personal statement example

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  • Published: 2nd July 2019
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  • Computer science personal statement example
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I am an independent, hardworking, responsible, trustworthy and ambitious student that really enjoys computer science. I am always ready to share my experience and learn from others. I have a passion to work as a software developer to improve my programming skills.

Everyday many people use computers, and most of them users use the computers with the help of graphical user interface, first time I used a computer I also found it really easy to use, but while I was using it, it made me think how they work, I wanted to know more about what computers can do and how they complete the different tasks given by the user.

Studying computer science, IT and Electronics in Year 13 has helped me gain more knowledge about computers and also increased my passion to learn about computers. I also studied computing in GCSE, I found computing really useful and interesting, and I found it very interesting learning about networking, and computer processors. Studying computing in GCSE also helped me learn new programming skills, I learn to program in python, my Year 11 coursework was to create a program using python, which I have completed and achieved an A* in the coursework. In GCSE I have also learnt to program microbit.

I spend most of my spare time designing programs because I enjoy solving problems. Studying computer science in Sixth Form College has increased my programming skills as I was able to learn new programming language and also was able to use visual studio to solve problems. I used Visual Studio to make many programs which would solve some problems given by the user. I have designed many programs using visual studio which can store and calculate to solve problems, one of the program I made was for a teacher which would help the teacher to find the best student in his class using the exam scores, my program would also tell the teacher which student needs to be awarded with the prizes. I think studying IT in college increased my knowledge more about computers, in IT I have learnt about many different utilities, different operating systems, and computer security.

I believe my work experience placement in ANS Synergy House has given me a good insight about how computer business works. During this work placement I was working alongside the IT team members to assist customers with the problems and solve them. I am also familiar with MySQL and python. I have also had part time jobs in a restaurant, which helped me a lot on gaining the important qualities of communication, teamwork and also working under pressure.

Studying electronics in Sixth Form allowed me to learn more about how technology work. Electronics helped me learn how circuit board chips are programmed, and it also made it possible for me to program chips to do certain tasks. In Electronics I have programmed a security system, which would detect movements after turned on, if any movements are detected it would switch an alarm on, this alarm would only switch off when a reset switch is pressed. I am currently working on making a system for pelican crossing light, which would turn on lights when dark and will also have sound enabled which would make it easier for people to know when it is safe to cross the road.

I enjoy reading about technological development on newspapers and on the internet. I find the new scientific magazines particularly interesting and I learnt a lot by reading these magazines. Also by reading these new magazines about computing and other technological developments I can stay up to date with the new discoveries. I also enjoy playing football and cricket, currently me and my friend play football every weekend, these activity allows me to escape academic pressure and also helps me to stay fit. I believe I possess all the qualities required to study Computer Science and I am excited by the possibilities to study computer science at your university.

Txxxx Uxxxx

25th October 2018

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Great example for the computer science course
- Aki

Very good example, this helped me.
- Dara

The paragraphs are vague and unfocused. It looks more like a list of activities or a stretched resume rather than a personal statement. The information within each paragraph is highly repetitive and offers no proof that the student understands or has done any of the work s/he claims to have done.
- Biljana

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