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Computer Science Masters Personal Statement Example

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  • Published: 10th March 2022
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For as long as I can remember, my era of gaming started from when I was 3 years old. The first console I started to play video games on was the Nintendo-64. From that moment on, I figured that video games were an integral part of my life leading to my happiness and well-being. I was constantly aware and in touch with the updates in technology of video game consoles from the N-64 to present day Playstation-4. Throughout this journey of gaming, I was impressed of how video games started to develop. Consequently, these developments drove me towards the career path I seek i.e Computer Science. Whether it be the retro games including Contra or Mario or the new-age Call-Of-Duty, these games have come to existence through extensive programming and cutting-edge technology. So, I believed that computer science was the basic foundation of this subject. Moreover, I wanted to be part of this development, so I decided to pursue my education in the field of Computer Science.

Later in my life, I developed an interest in a particular aspect of Computer Science- AI. This interest first started with EA Sport’s FIFA. Me playing almost all the games through FIFA 09 to the current FIFA 20, I was familiar with the changes and updates that the game was going through and the major incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into the game. FIFA now has an intelligence system that uses AI to make the game more realistic enabling players to make decisions with a more interactive gameplay. Another development that riveted me towards AI was the Xbox-360 kinect. The software in this system made it a break-through development. The system contains a special machine-learning algorithm that allows the Kinect to map the visual data it collects to models representing people and their gestures. Consequently, I developed an interest in Artificial Intelligence and wanted to explore this field in depth.

Continuing my endeavour in the field of AI, I started to get more familiar with the subject. Learning the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in my undergrad was an important milestone in the path I seek. Plunging deeper into the field, I started to explore the avenues of AI and found Cyber Security on my radar. This was through the discovery that one of the most essential usages of AI was in the field of Cyber Security. Whether it be protecting gamers from potential hackers, or organisations from cyber attacks, cyber security is needed and AI is an essential application in providing security. This was when I realised that there was a synergy between both. It was after an internship in the domain of Cyber Security (which I took in my 3rd year) that has reinforced my interest.

Hence, I decided to pursue a Master’s Course in Computer Science with an emphasis on AI and Cyber Security.

Undergraduate Coursework:

Throughout my undergrad, I was exposed to various concepts of computer science.

These include the fundamentals such as Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming Language Pragmatics. In addition, I am also familiar with programming languages including Python, C Programming and Java. I have applied the theoretical knowledge gained in my academic projects and attended workshops to gain a significant practical understanding of the subject such as ‘LINUX Shell Scripting’ Workshop and ‘Big Data Analytics’ hosted by IBM,Hyderabad.

I also studied subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Networks, Cryptography and Network Security which defined the field of study I started to develop an interest in. Moreover, these subjects have improved my association with the field of AI and Cyber Security.

Exposure to these subjects in my undergraduate has left me with an excellent foundation in Computer Science along with a keen interest to explore further in this field.

Internships, projects, and extracurricular activities:

After my second year, my interest in Artificial Intelligence led me to research in this field.

I along with a friend of mine under the guidance of Mrs. Radha (Senior faculty in CSE) worked on a review paper which deals with how machine learning works in Autonomous Vehicles in choosing the correct path in order to maximize safety. The study of various path planning techniques such as ‘Dirichlet tessellation technique for Real-time Motion Planning’ and ‘Evidential Occupancy Grid for Trajectory Planning’ formed the basis of our research. Our 1 month research led us to successfully getting our paper titled “Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles for efficient Path Planning” published in “IJCSN – International Journal of Computer Science and Network, Volume 8, Issue 4, August 2019 ISSN (Online) : 2277-5420 www.IJCSN.org”.

Further, during the summer vacation after my 3rd year, I took up an internship at BluSapphire Cyber Systems Pvt. Ltd. The main purpose of this internship was to expose myself to the real world applications of Cyber Security and indulge more deeply into the field. Throughout my internship at BluSapphire , I have learnt about many essential fundamentals including NetStat, firewalls, honeypots , dockers, malwares, cyberattacks and types of cyberattacks and the role of OSI layers in Security. I was also involved in parallel mastering of Python and its implementation via Jupiter Notebook. Now, I was very keen on the applications of the theory(i.e the concepts) which I learnt. Acknowledging my interest, I was tasked with a project that focused on the extraction and exchange of Cyber Threat Intelligence(CTI). During my work on this project, I had gathered CTI in the form of STIX(Structured threat Intelligence Expression) files which I was able to extract and exchange via a TAXII(Trusted Automated Exchange of Intelligence Information) server. I also developed a Python Script that queried, extracted and exchanged CTI which proved to be a very efficient solution to the task I was provided. Upon completion of this internship, I was left with a good knowledge in the field of cyber security and finishing the project gave me an opportunity for future research in this field.

Apart from my professional work, I was always engaged and made time for extracurricular activities. I was the Cultural Secretary for the student body “Kalakriti” in my college. I held this position for 2 years (1st year and 2nd year) and organised many literary, technical , and cultural fests and programs. Besides my duty as the Cultural Secretary, I was also involved in dance and music. I was part of the music band during the annual fest and played the Piano. I also performed on stage as a dancer in various fests including the annual fest and GMUN(Global Model United Nations. Dancing and music is only 50% of my extracurricular involvements. The other half is sports. My immense passion for soccer led me to participate in many intra and inter college soccer competitions as one of the main forwards on the pitch. Our soccer team also Won ‘Runner’s Up’ (2nd Place) in the Intra College Football Competition held during the 1st semester of our second year. In addition to these extracurricular activities I always spend time playing video games , beat-boxing, and reading books as part of my regular hobbies. I love to enlighten myself by reading inspiring novels about successful people such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Phil Knight. My love for video games compounded with my duty as the cultural secretary has also led me to host a gaming fest during 2nd year called ‘LA ELVITIA’ , where we brought our own PS4s and XBOX 360s along with the PCs provided by the college to set-up competitions among gamers in various games that included FIFA, Call-of-duty, and Counter-Strike.

Career goals and why I chose xxx University.

After my Master’s , I plan to work in an organisation that gives me the opportunity to exploit the knowledge I will gain through grad school and provide me with a job that emphasises on my area of interest as well as contribute to the growth of that organisation.

I also plan to join research in academia or industry to further broaden my horizons in the field of Computer Science with the hope to make contributions in this field.

From my past experiences, I observed that I can work relentlessly when I learn something new or when I am associated with a subject I am passionate about such as Integration of AI and Cyber Security.

The two main reasons for my ambition to pursue Master’s in Computer Science at xxx University are:

i) ii)………..

Thus I assure you that I will work passionately and also excel in my work if I get admitted to your University.


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