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Computer Science MS Degree Personal Statement Example

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  • Published: 28th February 2022
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Today’s era is an era of technology where everything is available and anything can be done in fraction of seconds. We cannot imagine our life now without these computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and internet which makes our life easy and comfortable. We have now Alexa who can now switch on and off the lights of our rooms on our order, who plays our favourite songs if we ask her to do so and can perform many other tasks for us. There are many such devices available developed using the advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, etc. Whose roots lies in primitive computers their models and working. I always had curiosity about emergence and working of the computers since my childhood and today I am very happy to be a part of this Computer Engineering community.

I am child of early 21st century when there were no smartphones but we had computers having internet facilities which gives answer to any of our questions or doubts. As a child I always thought that there must be some fascinating or magical world inside it but this illusion was broken when I first studied the computer subject in my school which says it also understands the language like we humans do but it is not the one we talk and understand it is a binary language, but we can convert higher level language(one which humans can understand) to binary code after applying six phases of compiler designs on it. It was interesting but at that time we were not knowing how exactly one can do that so I had a conversation with my father one fine day and he told me that the computers are inventions of science and are thoroughly build using mathematical concepts and algorithms that we learn in our school days and apply it during our graduate studies. This interaction with my father gave me new goal which I wanted to follow to lead towards a successful career.

As a child I always loved to solve problems of maths and to learn the history and innovations science has done in this world. So, yes without any doubt those two were my favourite subjects during my schools days and interest for the same increased after that interaction with my father. I always scored the highest marks or stood among the first five students throughout my school days especially due to these two subjects. Also, I have cracked the Olympiad exams of maths and science during my primary school. Additionally I cleared my board exams with 89% and 88% in 10th and 12th standard respectively. At the same time I successfully passed the JEE Mains with 111 points.

Apart from all this curricular activities I used to participate enthusiastically in my school annual functions, sports days and other non-curricular activities. In fact all this extra things are also necessary in life to have entertainment and exposure to other fields of world. Like my hobby is to dance so I have learnt the classical dance named Bharatanatyam during my primary schooling and along with this I have also taken the training of NCC academy. Also I have participated in many sports of Khel Mahakumbh the annual sports festival of the country and played at state level for my school in tug-of-war.

Because of such academics and extra curricular activities I easily got admission in Degree of Computer Engineering program of CHARUSAT University which has grade ‘A’ credited by NAAC. It is here since 2016 where my journey towards the successful career in the mesmerizing world embarked. At first I was not knowing about anything or any new Technology apart from C language, synfig tool and use of android phones. During these 4 years I learnt many concepts and subjects like C language, Object Oriented concepts of C++, Java, Web Technology, Microprocessors, Computer Organisation, Computer Networks, Database Management, Data Mining, Information Security, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Design Language processors and Machine Learning and managed to maintain my performance with 9.20 cgpa till 6th semester without any backlog. After learning and gathering knowledge about these subjects I came to know that how world is now not only technology driven but also data driven and network driven. Also, I came to know about the current buzzwords like IOT, ML, AI, Data Analyst, Data and Network Security etc. How they are growing, working and changing the lifestyle of people of the globe. Even I want to explore how such a huge amount data is stored, managed and analysed securely with the help of Data Science.

I started my walk of life by grabbing command in programming languages and SQL Database Management and created my first Web based project named “India 360°” which is one of the best portal for holidaymakers as they can see the sight of famous tourist places from all angles and can enjoy sitting anywhere.

I have also made projects on trending topics namely Internet of Things and Machine Learning to explore the subjects.

  • Smart Curtain System-This is an home automation project which adds comfort to persons life by closing the curtains with the help of stepper motor and ESPNodeMCU 8266 microcontroller on sensing sunlight using LDR sensor.
  • Video Surveillance System – This is a Machine Learning project which will be specifically helpful to the large companies as it keeps the output stored on json format, in this system it can detect the facial expression and can detect the hand-gesture and convey the meaning of it. It can also detect an object. So it will be helpful to keep record of facial expression of employees that how much concentrated they were during long meeting hours in conference.

I have also tried to build some android and iOS applications during these four years. At the same time I have done the configuration of switches and routers and connection of networks during my extra curricular session of CCNA Module 1 and Module 2. I have also tried to analyse the data using different data mining tools. Also, I tried to understand the working and distribution of Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing with the Cloudsim tool.

Along with all this technical and core subjects learning I have enjoyed the cultural festivals of the college by participating in it. I have also participated in various technical events of my university as well as BVM, DDIT and MSU like colleges. Even I was a active crew member of ‘Cognizance 2k17’ and ‘Cognizance 2k18’ which is annual technical festival of our university. Also, I was an active member of organising committee of ‘Cognizance 2k19’. Also I have attended many workshops and GDG meetups organized on-campus or on-campus.

To attain knowledge that how actually IT industries work I have done 1-2 months of internship at Dalia Web and Soft Solutions and Zithas – Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a Web developer and Intern in Web Technology and CRM Technology respectively.

After spending the majority of my time in web development and understanding the basic concepts of data mining, IOT and Machine Learning, I now intend to broaden my knowledge in Computer Science which would help me to get insight into developing better software in industry. Also, I want to gain knowledge that how these huge amount of data is being stored, transferred and processed securely. I anticipate that my personal background and qualifications will be really fruitful in order to pursue MS Degree in Computer Science.

I believe that the program would create a foundation for me to develop and strengthen my current expertise and expand my abilities even further. Due to my zeal, hardworking attitude and willingness to learn and explore new things, I could assure you that I would not let you down and contribute positively towards your University by meeting its higher academic standards. I am looking forward to advancing my skill set for better career opportunities by gaining a deep understanding of cutting-edge research topics and exploring them.

I would be really grateful to the admission committee if my application for the course is considered.


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