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Computer Science Personal Statement Example (7)

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  • Published: 17th March 2022
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One of the challenges of a Computer Scientist is to look at substantial issues and break them down into smaller pieces. My first sight of the power of computation came from reading Moore’s article on ‘Electronics’ when I was thirteen. This piqued my curiosity and flourished a love affair with the subject. Studying Computer Science at A Level has exposed me to different elements of working with low level hardware to high level programming languages. I was astounded by the advances in research during my visit to Bletchley Park, but what had remained the same were the core foundations of modern Computing. Viewing a replica of the Manchester Small Scale Experimental Machine at the Museum of Science and Industry widened my perception of where research has been and where it is leading to.

A Level Physics introduced me to Quantum Mechanics and I am fascinated by the mechanisms in the second class of Quantum algorithms. Focusing my EPQ on this topic has given me an insight into how researchers have been able to find order in entangled data. Whilst studying D1, I was captivated by the similarities between Grover’s Quantum Search and Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Through independently reading Nielson and Chuang’s ‘Quantum Computation…’ and nova.org.au’s explanation, I felt this was one of the areas of study I wish to dig deeper in at University level.  Despite being decades away from a democratised Quantum industry, I believe geometric visualisation of search algorithms will give a clearer view of how it will revolutionise modern Computing.

During my work experience with the University of Manchester, I was tasked by Prof. J Gajjar to programme the Mandelbrot Set. A lasting impression was left by the beauty of this manmade equation, taking a simple function and producing something incredibly natural and intricate. With knowledge of Complex numbers from FP1, I implemented my version of the Escape-Time algorithm in Python to understand the overall concept. My initial code only plotted single iterations as representing multiple iterations (as layers) proved to be challenging. This led me to use the much more powerful language, Matlab. Following the similar syntax, I was able to create a plottable data set assigning a unique colour for each iteration.

As a developer of GetTikit, a social media application by a student based company, I learnt to work in a team and complete tasks delegated to me. With a keen interest in app development I pushed forward from redesigning signup pages to working on various modules on iOS. Vastly different to Matlab, imperative programming in Objective-C has been a new experience. I designed multiple UI elements seen on the app today. Tackling this alongside my studies has shown me the importance of time management, managing multiple work streams and meeting deadlines with supervisors.

Outside of the virtual realms, I am a member of the school’s charity committee and Project Manager of the Hindu and Sikh Society, organising charitable events throughout the academic year. This taught me key skills in managing funds, public speaking in large audiences and communications. These aspects are important in student unions. I was also the Creative Director for my Young Enterprise team, urbanMCR, which reached the Trafford and Manchester Regional Finals and won multiple awards including ‘Greater Manchester Company of the Year 2016’. The latter provided me an opportunity to successfully demonstrate my skills in photography and graphic design.

We are living in an age where the power of Computer Science is increasing exponentially. Computational systems have become crucial in research. I cannot wait to contribute to University life and face new challenges, both socially and professionally. Nothing excites me more than the possibility of studying Computer Science at a higher level which will provide me with opportunities to challenge my current skill set and also allow me to engage with many experts in this field.


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