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Artificial Intelligence Masters Degree Personal Statement Example

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  • Published: 9th November 2021
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Respected Graduate Admission Committee:

My name is xxxxx. I am currently enrolled in a 4-year degree program in Computer Science and Engineering at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, which is considered as one of the most prestigious institutes of India. After scrutinizing my interests, past pieces of training and final ambition, I have decided to pursue the Master of Science in Computer Science.

My undergraduate degree provided me with an exposure to a multifaceted curriculum, thus laying a sound foundation for my plans for graduate studies. I gained in-depth awareness about concepts in calculus and statistical analysis through multiple courses in Applied Mathematics. Also, the courses in Data Structures, Algorithms Design and Analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence(7th semester) and Data Science and Big Data Analytics(7th semester) introduced me to various techniques for conducting searches, pre-processing data, as well as using decision tree, neural networks, clustering, classification, and regression algorithms. In addition, the courses related to database management helped me gain knowledge about the nuances involved in the storage and retrieval of copious amounts of data and normalizing it. Particularly significant was the course in Artificial Intelligence during which I learned how to impart human-like thinking and decision-making capabilities to artificial agents through the use of techniques like partial-order planning, best first search, forward and backward chaining, as well as search techniques like hill climbing, A*, and simulated annealing. During the tenure of my last six semesters, I gained expertise in programming with C, C++, Java, Python, R and also actively participated in coding competitions on CodeChef and Hackerrank platforms. Having completed courses on Python, R programming, Machine Learning by Standford University, and specialization in Deep Learning at Coursera, I am currently pursuing John Hopkins Data Science Specialization to update my knowledge and learn new skills.

What I realized at the end of the sixth semester was that I have an undying hunger for Machine learning and its application in Artificial Intelligence. I am always captivated by the functioning of its algorithms and especially the Neural Networks. While studying about the neural networks it feels that yes I can bring machines to life and that they are capable of functioning more like us, Humans. I desire to become a successful professional who is highly skilled in Machine learning and its applications and use my best knowledge for the better of society. Projects during the undergraduate program served to broaden my domain knowledge through the application of classroom concepts. One of them involved ‘Home Automation using Personal Assistant’ which involved an interactive chatbot who responded to the user’s voice command by performing certain home automation activities. This project gave me my first brush with various algorithms functionalities and enhanced my skills in operations relating to Machine Learning.

The major project that I proposed to work on is MRI Classification. This project is intended to classify the Brain MRI using the computer vision technique of Deep Learning. Brain MRI can be of two major types.  These two categories are T1 weighted anatomical, as well as T2 weighted resting BOLD MRI images. These are categorized with the help of Deep Neural Networks with 4 hidden layers. There are 120 MRI data and are released to the public along as part of the materials for “Temporal interpolation alters motion in fMRI scans: magnitude and consequence for artifacts detection” by Power et al. in PLOS ONE. Included for each subject are a T1-weighted anatomical image (MP-RAGE) and one or more T2*-weighted scans(resting BOLD scans). The dataset we have is a 3D cuboid of the subject’s MRI image for the T1 weighted scans and 4D for the T2 weighted scans where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd being the x, y and z axis for the 3D image and the 4th dimension being the time. Every subject’s MRI is then split into 2D slices from all the axis to increase the data volume, then these images are preprocessed and fed into a 2D-CNN network. This is then trained for 3 epoch cycle in the cloud for a better processing speed and the resulted output of the weighted and biases are stored for the model to predict future inputs.

Simultaneously, active participation in a wide range of extracurricular activities has ensured the all round development of my personality. I have taken part in cultural activities like group plays and literary activities like Elocution and Debate competitions.  I also play badminton and cricket as a hobby. I have won many man of the match awards for my outstanding performance as a bowler. Apart from this, I handled the role of being the Head Boy of the school, a responsibility that included acting as the bridge between the students and the administration, assisting the faculty advisor in their duties, maintaining the discipline and assisting the students in case of any problems. Due to all-around performance, I was awarded as the ‘Student of The Year’ in 2014 by Indian Heritage School. Even in college, I was able to manage fests like Rubaro and other technical fests like Innovate. This experience brought to the fore my leadership abilities, while also assisting in honing my social skills.

At this stage, I believe pursuing a Master degree with a focus on Artificial Intelligence would catalyze my career progress, and the program offered at The University of British Columbia is perfectly tailored to my needs. I look forward to gaining a competitive edge by deepening my understanding of various statistical and analytical techniques and upgrading my technical skills through the well-structured curriculum. I am excited at the prospect of learning under erudite faculty like Assistant Professor Siamak Ravanbakhsh, whose numerous projects and research in the field of Deep Learning and Stochastic Neural Networks has left me fascinated. Given a chance, I would hope to involve myself in his ongoing research endeavors. The excellent events and seminars like the LCI Forum would facilitate my learning pursuits in my fields of interest. I look forward to mutually benefitting interactions with peers from culturally diverse backgrounds that would serve to broaden my perspective.

I hope the Admissions Committee recognizes my drive to excel in my academic and professional undertakings and issues an affirmative response. The honor of being associated with such an esteemed institution would be an additional motivation as I move towards the realization of my ambitions.


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