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Managing Information Technology Masters Degree personal statement

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  • Published: 22nd November 2021
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I believe that inquisitive and explorative attitude will lead to a continuous learning process. As an RF(Radio Frequency) Engineer. I look for graduate study to refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. I believe it will also serve to give direction to my goal of a career.

Electronic Communications are an industry that has changed our lives. In a very short period, it has changed the way we have looked at things for centuries. It is one industry that is going to shape our future for centuries to come. Hence my desire to do masters in Electronics and communications Engineering. My interest in Electronics dates back the early days of my high school. My career objective is to pursue masters in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. I am of the firm conviction that suitable opportunity to pursue graduate studies will help in my endeavour towards realizing my goal, paving the path for self-actualization. And as I said I have achieved my conviction and successfully completed my Masters in Electrical and Computer engineering.

The field of ECE has always fascinated me. My interest started developing in the early stage of my life, when I studied about the invention of computers, moreover about its large size. The transformation from the large size to small palmtops enticed me to know about the factors that are responsible for making computers, also the electronic gadgets so small. I was taken back after seeing a small chip for the first time in my school days, furthermore when it came to my knowledge that this single chip contains more than 1000 transistors, it really became impossible for me to believe, “integrated circuits” was the answer I received but wasn’t able to penetrate the fundamentals of it. Since then, every day I come across with small circuits and spent hours to solve the mystery and finally decided to enter the cave of electronics.

The interest and fascination have evolved into a determination to study the subject deeply. The subjects that I was very much interested was Embedded Systems, Wireless Communications & Networks, Cellular & VLSI, which arouses my curiosity, in fact, all the subjects of electronics are very interesting.

As a student member of various forums in my College, I have been actively associated with various workshops and seminars. Having done a rigorous groundwork in both theoretical and applied electronics & Comm.. , now I am in a position to peep into the realm of higher studies. I am an ambitious person with immense will power. It has been my long cherished dream to complete a masters and eventually comes out as a good engineer, equipped enough to contribute to the larger community.  But to gain more expertise, I wish to undertake my graduate study at your prestigious University, which has the best of facilities. I think yours is a right place that would suit my interests and aspirations the best. If you give me a chance to prove myself as a good student, it would be a fine opportunity to realize my dreams and to give a proper fulfillment in my otherwise brilliant academic career.

As I have completed my Bachelor’s in India. I came to the USA to pursue Master’s degree. As I have completed the degree I worked in IT for a while and then I moved back to my core competence field i.e RF Engineering which is a part of the Wireless Communication. I a short span of my Professional career I have gained enormous knowledge and few certifications and planning on to do more. Apart from engineering there is an important interest that I have is in entrepreneurship and planning on to open a startup in the coming years which Is why I want to an another Master’s degree in Managing Information Technology which will help me in understanding and learn the key skills that every entrepreneur needs like software, business, technology, security, legal issues, and leadership.

And I couldn’t find a better university than Sullivan University with busy schedule and work I was very much interested in this flexible curriculum and class schedule will help me develop the skills that I need for the development of my company and also for my startup along with focusing my current Job. I am very much looking forward to starting the class at Sullivan University.

Thank you, for considering my candidature as a prospective graduate student.


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