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Computer Science personal statement example

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  • Published: 24th February 2022
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  • Computer Science personal statement example
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To me, Computer Science is the future. It is utilized to make life more efficient for others. Subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, programming and scripting are all of great interest to me.

I have chosen Computer Science as I would like to further develop my skills in this exciting and diverse field. My A-levels have allowed me to gain experience in research, developing a systematic approach to work and problem-solving. I have gained valuable opportunities to work independently and as a part of a group.

Outside of school, I am deeply immersed in the coding world. I have learnt how to use HTML and CSS which gave me a glimpse of what coding is capable of. I have now become extremely comfortable with these basics of web development and hope it will help me to achieve my goal of becoming a programmer. My work ethic and constant need to learn has led me to acquire different skills quickly and efficiently. This is especially beneficial because technology is constantly changing. Presently I am working my way through a journey to become a web developer, using a clear roadmap with all the aspects to assist me and help plan my work efficiently and productively. This gives me motivation as it gives clear goals to work towards. I am currently working on developing my own website, which runs on both mobile and desktop. This project has opened opportunities for me to develop critical thinking and overall work experience. I also have a strong fascination with JavaScript, where a simple website can be brought to life with interactive and modern designs. I am currently developing a JavaScript mouse-over element, this will help me understand and apply JavaScript and built my confidence.

Aside from my academic pursuits, I enjoy playing football. I have designed my own home gym and enjoy keeping fit. I like cooking a variety of foods as I have a great passion for eating healthy. I also spend quality time with my family and friends.

Technological advancement occurs constantly and continuously, the progression of video games from the ‘Game Boy’ to virtual reality gaming is a clear example of this. I wish to be at the forefront of innovation.


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